5 interesting things about having less “STUFF” to find your real self: Thinking Minimalist!

Yesterday I published a lovely post about a holiday adventure with lots of colourful pictures- today I’m going to deliver another rant/ offload of seriousness. Dun DUN DUN!

I joke, yet in life, this is the cycle- you have your holiday in the Sun, then it’s back to the grind, reality, real life! As serious as it is, I know we all secretly want to be interested in it because it affects us, right?

Today I’m going to be talking about minimalism. I start a new job tomorrow so I figured this weekend would be perfect to spend a whole afternoon/ evening going through all our stuff with Dean and decide whether to keep, store or get rid. Before I decided to do this, I watched a few YouTube videos on minimalism and learn about what was behind this drive to get rid of STUFF- after this and the clear out, here’s what I discovered:

1. Experience is collectable…

You don’t need to have purchased items, products, things to preserve your memories…

This thought took me back to when I went to Okinawa, Japan in 2012 with my Karate family and I spent so much time taking photos and videos for a DVD to share with the group. I was much more driven to capture as much footage as possible than spending money on souvenirs. I did purchase a few gifts for my family and a couple of friends, but the only thing I kept for myself was 2 pairs of chopsticks- one with my zodiac symbol of The Horse and the others which I didn’t even pay for and were from a Chinese restaurant in the Japanese hotel we stayed at before our flight back to England. 1364247519859

I guess I have always been an “experience” collector in my core, yet the life script written by society has often stood in the way of my vision. Slowly, I am beginning to come to terms with who I really am.

Are you an “experience” collector or a stuff collector?

2. LESS really does equal MORE…

The more stuff that began to pile up in the hallway, the more room we had to store the things we chose to keep! We had actually

We had actually gone out that morning and spent money on foldable storage boxes so that we can store things more neatly. Turns out, we didn’t even need them! We were able to part with so much stuff, there was room to store the things we actually use regularly, but out of the way.

What is more beneficial to you, the amount of stuff you keep or the amount of space you have?


3. You really don’t need THAT much space…

That last question leads me on nicely to this point- with less stuff around the place, there is more room to store things, so we don’t really need a huge mansion to live in.

When Dean and I decide to move, we know we’d like to upsize, however, this minimalist mindset has changed how big we are willing to upsize to a little. Dean is an artist and has SO MANY materials and equipment with this lifestyle, that he does need space for storage and there really is no way around it; and that is OK because that is his own life script and passion.

The ideal house size was getting bigger and bigger, yet we were thinking more and more long term- there may be children in our next place etc. Even with this in mind, if we can keep out the things that don’t matter, we could live in a tardis if we wanted!

What can you afford to get rid of that will create a bigger home for you?

4. Clear living space leads to a clear mind…

I believe my drive deliberately chose this weekend to clear out my things in order to clear my mind for the new beginnings and big changes that are happening from tomorrow when I start my new job- an apprenticeship in Business Admin.

When I was having coaching sessions, my coach asked me what my mind looked like when everything was scattered. I told her it was like a desk with papers all mixed up and out of order- something which makes me cringe as I get a bit OCD/ Monica Geller with things like this! That’s exactly what I had in the bottom of my wardrobe- a messy pile of papers- that is actually important!

Once this was all cleared up and categorised, I was a new woman! Especially with Dean’s trusty label-maker, it just got so exciting!


So with everything labelled, categorised and in its place with easy access to personal records etc. there was a huge wave of relief rolling over me and I felt a stone lighter! My mind was clear and as was my space.

What does it look like when your mind feels cluttered? What do you see and how can you change it?

5. Lots of things can hide the real you…

I discovered this, particularly when de-cluttering my wardrobe and beauty products. I discovered my most important values!

I owned a lot of things that people expected my to wear rather than what I (and the little tomboy inside me) would normally choose to wear. So I got rid of anything uncomfortable and anything that “covers” my up. One thing that’s very precious to me, and it’s not an item, is my confidence. I decided just to keep the things I feel comfortable in and only wear things that my confident karate kid self would wear. My confidence is a delicate crystal and the best way for me to preserve it is to be that most confident element of me.

So, out went the make-up, the cheap jewellry I never wear, dresses, “nice tops”, until all that remained were a collection of t-shirts, jeans and hoodies! My favourite clothes 🙂


What possessions hide the real you? Are they worth staying in your life?

There are way more things, of course, that will benefit you from having less things and the more you look into minimalism and take part in it, the more you will learn about yourself, society and your purpose in life- your real self will begin to bloom right out of that murky pond….

Thank you for reading this post- may I point out that the memes and images in this post were not created by myself and were sourced from Google images. For my next post on minimalism, I hope to write in more detail about the things I choose to keep and what determines their importance. Please feel free to comment, as usual and I hope you found my questions useful 🙂





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