Countdown to Marriage #4: Three Problems with Wedding Ring Shopping

Last weekend, Dean and I decided it was time to take on the mission to get our wedding rings. With me not being a very fussy jewellery person and just wanting the most plain, flat and practical thing to wear on my finger forever, I didn’t think it would be that difficult…


HOWEVER, Dean is no ordinary bloke. He likes his style and uniqueness to flow through everything, which is always something I’ve admired about him… Although this is a beautiful and interesting trait, it has made our ring hunt ten times more difficult! All I ask is that our rings match- to me, that’s the whole point of wedding rings but I do understand that some people want theirs to be different or more feminine etc.

We agreed that, if Dean was more particular, I’d just wear whichever ring he chooses- but if it’s really difficult to agree, then he’d get a plain gold and I’d get a plain titanium. We are both favouring black and titanium, so we have an aim!


The Bride! I think I’m definitely presenting as an obstacle here, due to the fact that I hate shopping, I know nothing about jewellery and I’m such a tight ass. I hate spending money in general, let alone on things I know nothing about and that on the whole are very pricey things. Another issue with me is, I’m not girly in the slightest, so the idea of heading to a shop full of majorly expensive gems and glitters just gets me anxious rather than excited. This makes me not the most fun person to shop with, as I’m impatient, tight and sulky if there isn’t a store right in front of us that says “perfect, inexpensive rings for Dean and Heather”. Poor Dean, he deserves a medal for following me round Meadowhall last weekend…


Our ring sizes! Obviously, I’m not going to suggest Dean picks a ladies ring, but I’m more than happy to wear a man’s ring. With only 2 sizes apart, Dean has pretty small fingers and mine is too small for most men’s rings so we are really struggling to find rings with small sizes that we actually like! See our dilemma, here?


Budget! I am an “experience” person, so, therefore, don’t see any real point in spending tonnes of squids on A RING. I know, I’m sounding like an absolute ignoramus, but to me, it is important to have a ring, but I don’t really want to spend a bomb on it. I have said Dean can spend more on his and I will just get a plain titanium ring or something… but then they won’t be matching…  *Face palm*


Thanks for reading this sort of ranty wedding countdown post. As it turns out, we did find the perfect rings in our home County of Cumbria! They will arrive in a couple of weeks for my Mam to collect from the store- now it’s starting to feel so real…

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