Quick Update: We’re Moving into a House!

Remember my post about exciting stuff I look forward to this Summer? If not, check it out HERE.

This was one of the things I was afraid to mention, as we have been keeping our eye on the market for a while and just not finding the right place. We thought that we may even have to wait until after the wedding! But no, last week our luck changed and we secured a deposit on our dream house in the countryside!



I feel so grateful that it has all happened this way 🙂

At the end of the month, we will move in and just have enough time to get settled before we make final preparations for our wedding celebrations.

Our new home will be in the rural realm of NE Derbyshire, still in the Sheffield suburbs, surrounded by fields, woods and 5 minutes from a country park. I can’t wait to go for walks right from my own front door without having to drive somewhere just to get a good walk.

I can’t wait to run through fields for my morning exercise, sit in a back garden overlooking farmland and just nip next door to the country pub for an evening bar meal and refreshing real ale at the weekend.




In my previous post, I also talked about 5 things I need to keep me happy no matter what my age, life-situation or where I live. Those were: to be feral, be with horses, do martial arts, stay active and be creative. Once we move to this new place, I will have access to the one thing missing from my list at the moment- horses. It’s not that I will be buying one, taking lessons or anything like that- just to observe them in their field, grazing and just being themselves. I enjoy learning from them this way.

Living in the city has been advantageous and I get why many young people and professionals enjoy this environment. For me, however, I feel more isolated in the concrete jungle and, as many of my friends are not in this county. I prefer the home of nature itself for when I am with trees, animals and other wild creatures, I can never be alone…




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