The Perfect Diet (For You!): A Yuppie Survival Guide – Part I


 In this 2 part series, I’m using what I’ve learned throughout my ever-evolving diet to come up with the only diet your body will truly appreciate and fit it in with the Yuppie lifestyle….

Over the past few years, I have put various restrictions on my diet – vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan. All of which I’ve struggled in some way, shape or form; whether it is because of my lifestyle, struggling to juggle cooking and organise my time as a young adult learning to run a household. Without getting too political and causing any offence, all I can say is that the way post-modern society is run does not help younger generations prepare for adult life.

That being said, it’s down to us independent young thinkers and those with that of some sort of traditionalist mindset to actually figure out survival in this day and age. In this, Part I, I’m going to focus on diet and Part II will be all about fitting it around your lifestyle…

  • Back to Basics:

Think vitamins. Think protein. Think staple foods.

You are going to need the basic foods in your diet (and if you listen to your body, you will crave the ones you are missing out on); I’m not a nutritionist or expert but I know that by experience and a little basic sports science, that we can’t function without them. There aren’t many rules in this “perfect diet” but one of them is definitely stick to REAL food. By real food, I mean nothing processed, refined or filled with lots of sciencey stuff you can’t even pronounce. If you can’t read it, it’s most likely got many many long term side effects you won’t notice until years later and things start going downhill with your health.

  • The Fewer Restrictions the Greater Chance of Success:

Right, so here’s the thing with “diets”… Normally they involve calorie-counting, meal plans and like a million things you have to cut down or cut out completely and these are the things that put a negative light on “being healthy”- it is often associated with tight rules and restrictions. If you want a healthy lifestyle (not temporary “diet”) then this should be an all positive and exciting, progressive move forward for you (and your family).

Restrictions and rules often mean that you may feel the need to punish yourself if you break them, they cause you to crave things your body doesn’t need like sugar and processed crap because you’ve been withdrawing yourself from the right stuff.

Look, if you crave something and it’s real food, chances are your body needs some nutrient from it that you’ve been missing. This “no restrictions” point just means you should be able to listen to your body and not feel like you’ve broken the rules for just eating what your body needs!

  • It’s All About Balance:

I’ve mentioned a few restricted “diets” I’ve been on before which you could say I’ve failed…. Or you could say they were all just part of a personal experiment to see which foods my body needs and I encourage you all to do the same!

Following on from my previous point, now that I’ve learned that certain real foods can be harmful to my health if continuously in my diet, I know what they are and when I’ve had enough. It’s not about having an “intolerance”, it’s about being aware of my own limit (a bit like drinking alcohol).

As well as harmful real foods, there are also the little gems that give me a buzz and have endless health benefits (like green tea) that I know to consume on a regular basis. It’s all about finding the right balance for you. I believe everyone’s body is different and some people can tolerate real foods that others can’t….


For example, my partner Dean, can tolerate foods like dairy, sugars and meat and still have glowing skin and no feelings of nausea; whereas if I were to eat the same amount, I would have issues with my skin, digestion and sinus problems. There are things that humans shouldn’t eat altogether (mentioned in my first point) but all those arguments about meat being wrong, dairy being wrong, fish being wrong- it’s about the condition of the produce.

  • Is it from free range, grass fed animals?
  • Or was it wild fish?
  • Is it organic?

To me, there’s only something wrong if the answer to all of those questions is No. If the answer is no then it simply isn’t 100% real food.

As you can imagine, it can be very difficult to access real food, especially if you are on a budget- and this was the main reason I became a veggie (processed meat is worse than veg in my opinion) when I was a student. In part II, I will look into ways of overcoming this obstacle.

So, I guess that covers my main points of having the perfect diet for yourself. I’m not preaching a particular diet rule book or suggesting that there is only one diet for everyone. I am really only asking that you respect and listen to your body- it is fairly important and has to do a lot of work keeping you alive in this universe and all- and that by doing this, it could contribute to solving any health issue you may be struggling with.

Anything that you put into your body is going to affect it in some way or another…

Thank you for stopping by and taking a read. If you are interested in fitting a good diet around your lifestyle, I will be back with part II after I’ve had a bit more experience and done my research!


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