Time to Reflect: Our First Home

In 5 days time, we will be leaving our first home together to start a new chapter in the outer, rural suburbs of Sheffield. We are majorly excited for this move- the space, new furniture, country walks and even more to come in the new place.

This post will mainly be a reflective photo album of our favourite moments we treasured during our time here. We hosted our first Halloween Party, Christmas dinner, brought home our first tree, got engaged and many more exciting things…

I’m mainly creating this for myself, but I do hope you enjoy this little collage of things to reflect on before we finally close the door of our first home for the last time…

Our Magnificent View



Dean’s Office set up
10 Apr 2016_0279
Being close to the Tram Route


Baymax ❤
Pizza snack with Shivvy ^_^

When Shiv and I went to the Yorkshire Cosplay Con when she was visiting from Cumbria. The weather sucked that weekend but we had so much fun catching up!

Below is the day my whole close family came to explore Sheffield and see our apartment!

20160619_14591520160621_183412Then I chopped all my hair off….


My first solo trip to Berkshire for my coaching studies!14030888_286153228416744_1648861791_nBlogLogo

My blog logo had some development during this time.

Away in Berkshire again last August- my hair the shortest it’s ever been!


Nugget began to gain our trust more and more over the Summer months last year.


Exploring Damnflask Reservoir last September. We walked here all the way from Malin Bridge on the last day of Summer before going to see Gary Newman in concert.


Hosting our first Halloween Party and decorating for the occasion!


In October, I got my car and so began our road trips and the ability to visit home more.


Our first big trip out in the car was to Matlock in Derbyshire- this was a beautiful day!


Our bird family extended as we brought Dean’s family pet cockatiel into our home!


Bringing home our first Christmas Tree! We got this little beauty from Loxley.


Making our home into a Christmas hub and hosting Christmas Dinner was incredible.


For New Year’s we had an amazing catch up with more of our favourite people! My cousin and her fiance stayed with us to see in 2017 and as usual, it was a great laugh!


After and during Christmas we had a lot of Lush stuff to make use of.


In 2017, I became a brunette!


Our apartment was where Dean proposed to me spontaneously and in deciding to get married this year, it has given us a project to plan for and something to look forward to all year! After the move, it will only be 6 weeks until we officially become Mr & Mrs!


Discovering new areas in Sheffield, like Rother Valley Country Park provided lots of inspiration for our new nest.


Our apartment would get so hot during the Summer heat waves this year- we loved being able to vent by creating a little balcony den!


I fell in love with this Oak Tree in Norfolk Park. It became like a sanctuary for me when I craved nature and being feral… See my blog on feeling safe in trees if you’re intrigued.


In June, we had my cousin and her fiance down again, along with my best friends to have a Hen Weekend (click to see blog post) in the Cotswolds while the guys played some serious Dungeons and Dragons in the apartment.


I have really enjoyed our first home in the inner city suburbs and will always treasure the memories here. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a collector of experiences rather than items or products, so I guess that’s why I like to create things like this.

Bring on the next chapter and I can’t wait to create memories in our new and soon to be marital home! Thanks for reading and enjoy the bank holiday weekend!

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