Moving House: Back to the Rural Life…

So, it’s here! Moving Day!

Of course, I scheduled this post- like I would have time to sit and blog about moving when I’m in military operation mode!

I just wanted to take a brief moment to write something reflective for our Sheffield City Apartment chapter and of course, was our first home. It’s so easy to get all excited about moving to a new place and think of all the reasons pushing us to make that change, that we can often forget about what we’ve enjoyed and benefited from during the times in the old place.

We will always remember this view…

I’m going to reflect on the good things about living in the inner-city suburbs before I move on to the more appealing benefits of rural life:

1. Short journeys to where it’s all happening…

This is probably the biggest benefit and covers a lot of areas. We have been living pretty close, and most certainly within walking distance, to the city centre. This means we don’t rely on public transport or we have to walk very little distance to catch the nearby SuperTram. If there is something on in town that we want to attend or have a meetup, then we will most likely never take the car as the parking and routes through the city centre can be a bit of a pain. (Although I am used to it now).

2. Free/ Cheap commutes to work…

Dean has also been walking to and from work, which means he’s not had to pay for his commutes. I work in a rather industrial area so I do drive but find that I don’t use a lot of fuel to commute to my workplace.

3. Easy for visitors to find us…

Anyone who’s come to visit us since living in this apartment has found it a doddle to get to us as we were on a tram route and very close to Sheffield train station. This has also made it easy for us to pick and drop off our guests who needed to catch trains etc.

On the topic of visitors, staying close to the city has provided our friends and family with exciting breaks away as there are plenty of things to do in the city centre and around Meadowhall.

That’s the inner-city suburb pros, now time to point out the things that draw us back to the Rural Life…


Taken on one of my old running routes back home in Cumbria


1. Home is Where the Heart Is…

Kind of a cliche line, but this is most definitely is what lies in within the core of our move to the outer/rural suburbs. Dean and I grew up in a small town on the edge of the North Western Lake District in Cumbria. Since leaving home, both of us have experienced the urban life we craved, being from a little coastal town that nobody had heard of…


I have had the experience of Manchester as well as the smaller, more intimate City of Sheffield and have always preferred it out of the two. Manchester was a fun novelty for me but soon wore off after my first semester of Uni. I now feel like I’ve had my fill of the city life and that the benefits I’ve already mentioned just don’t really seem all that appealing anymore; the rest of these points will clarify what I mean…

2. Running in the Fields!

So when I was at school, I really got into cross-country running and would often head out to the neighbouring fields where I lived to run my usual route. Since leaving home, I’ve failed to find an alternative run that I can just go to from my front door. The house we are moving to is surrounded by fields, public footpaths and is on the edge of Rother Valley Country Park- I can’t wait to explore!

3. Closer to Nature…

Once again, remembering the nature walks I took with my parents while growing up, there were always paths through farmland and past fields where horses graze. I look forward once again to making friend with the local critters and trees…



4. Country Pubs…

You can’t beat a good bar meal! Personally, I prefer a country pub to a fine dining restraunt or bar any day. One of the best things about being English is the tradition of having “a local”. For the first time, it looks like we could very well have this, living about 50 yards from a pub which, as a bonus, serves home cooked meals! After all the moving and asembling furniture, it’ll be grand to get a nice pint of smooth ale and a good bar meal!


5. Lower Cost of Living…

In the particular area we are moving to (I’m aware this won’t apply to all rural areas) we are already seeing a reduction in our rent, council tax and I’ve even recieved a discount from my car insurance company since notifying them of the new address!

We realise this all balances out as we will have to travel further to work and to any events in the city etc. but we honestly don’t go into Sheffield as often as we used to. I think we are now ready to feel the benefits of our familiar lifestyle. I like how we are still moving close enough to access the city life, but it’s no longer in our face and we can now enjoy the benefits and nostalgia of the rural life we know how to live!


Thanks for reading this post! As you do so, we are most likey running around like headless chickens, or if you read this later on we will hopefully now be enjoying a beer and bite to eat at our new “local”! 🙂






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