Autumn at Home: 6 Unique Lifestyle Gifts Inspired by Nature

Autumn is perhaps the busiest season for shopping. Be it for early Christmas shopping, Autumn Birthdays, Halloween ideas, Thanks Giving or simply just picking up some beautiful pieces to transform your home into an Autumnal wonderland (as I’m more than tempted to do). Autumn is also the season in which nature, somehow, feels closer; so in this post, I’m going to share some unique and personalised gift ideas inspired by nature from an early online window-shopping spree.

I discovered this quirky website, UncommonGoods, where I found handmade, unique gifts of plenty- most of which are made with all natural and/ or organic materials! I’m always up for supporting any business with good, honest intentions and who have the utmost respect for our natural world and if you do too, you are going to love what I’ve found!

seasons globes

Having just moved into a new house, we have been spending more on lifestyle products than ever and even when I’m not buying, I do enjoy a window shopping spree online to add some drops of inspiration to my Pinterest! On this particular spree, I was inspired not only to write a post on these special gifts, but a whole Season Series (like my “Summer Blogz” series) focusing on the main events of Autumn and what better way to kick it off than some inspiration for gift-shopping! As the days get cooler, the nights longer and the warm candlelight flickers in your cosy lounge: Welcome to Autumn at Home!

1. Guide Birdies for Birthdays?

guide birds
Hopefully, these little Guide Birds will guide my soon-to-be Hubby to them so he can bring them home ^_^

As a bird-lover, I am definitely a sucker for anything cute and bird-like! When I saw these I just had to add them to my wishlist for my Birthday (as, oh yes, I’m an Autumn child!). I just fell in love with the beautiful story behind this gift and I love how personal these can be to someone special like your Mom or Partner. Each bird represents a positive emotion to carry with you- one for every day. These adorable little Guide Birds, as well as other unique gifts for ladies can be found right here

2. Giving Thanks for Trees!

tree globesI am religiously a naturalist and nature has always been my biggest inspiration in life, for anything creative. Having nature in my home is so important to me so instantly I am attracted to artwork like these Recycled Glass Tree Globes. Gifts are always more appreciated when they have been made with the love of the planet in mind, as Uncommon Goods like to do. They also include a little creation story and an introduction of the craftsperson for each of their products which makes these gifts more unique.

When shopping for best friends (who are practically my sisters) I always like to choose something meaningful, so that it reflects our unique friendship- these Tree Globes have various collections- this one, in particular, has a Tree Globe for each unique relationship- see more inspiring gifts for friends here.

3. Cosy up for Christmas

As we stroll the leafy paths into the colder months, there’s nothing like a hearty bowl of soup to warm your friends and family during your social gatherings and keep them toastie til the Spring time comes around. I love these quirky Buddha Bowls and practical soup bowl, handmade in the US, as they deliver a cute and clever design. As a minimalist, I really appreciate useful gifts at Christmas, and you can never go wrong with a handy kitchen tool or piece of crockery. Have a look yourself for more useful Christmas Gift Ideas .

4.  Harvest at Home!

grow your own kit

Last month, we decided we were inspired to become more self-sufficient, meaning we want to provide our own food and supplies etc. If someone got us something like this Grow Your Own Marinara Kit, I would be over the moon! This kind of thing is exactly what has attracted me to Uncommon Goods as they promote this healthy organic lifestyle I’ve been headed towards for the past few years. If your friends or family are looking to do the same, then perhaps a holistic treasure would mean the world to them.

chopping board5. Unique, for their Home

Again, I’m thinking practical and personal. Maybe it’s because we have both recently moved home and will soon be getting married, these are the both great reasons to buy any couple a handmade, useful gift this Fall. I’m sure we aren’t the only ones that will be celebrating an Autumn wedding!

There are loads more personal gifts for couples, kids and families for warming up the home this fall.

6.  Gifts for Him and For Nature! bird feeder

And finally, I couldn’t end without mentioning what I would get my other half after delivering such a big hint before! Ever since moving in, Dean has been obsessed with setting up a little bird feeding station. Not only is it the best time of year to think about feeding your feathery wild friends, but this feeder was created by a fellow nature-loving artist. My partner is also an artist, therefore would appreciate this lovely craftsmanship.

Thank you for reading this post and I do hope you enjoy the rest of this Autumn at Home! I’m so pleased I had the urge to look for gifts online early this year and came across Uncommon Goods- thank you for the inspiration! I can’t wait for my favourite time of year to bring more content for this Autumnal series…

Disclaimer Note: Photos from 
Feature image- photography by Richard McGowan-

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