Countdown to Marriage #5: The Hag Do & Final Preparations

Welcome back – it’s been a while since I last posted in this series!

Can’t believe it’s now less than 2 weeks until the main event and I’m feeling a lot more ready than I did at the beginning of this week. There is still plenty to do but, today, as I’m typing this out with a fuzzy head and sore foot, I want to talk about my final night out as a “single person” and what we have actually got ready for the wedding!

What’s Ready!

  • Venue all up to date with our plans and paid for!
  •  Food (including desserts)!
  • Music & media plans
  • Outfits (at last!)
  • Rings!
  • Guest List Confirmed
  • Honeymoon paid for & airport hotel booked!
  • Table booked for post-registry office thing family meal.

It’s great knowing that most of the important things are taken care of and are in process- I am aiming to get everything done by next week!

The “Hag Do” with my Karate Family

Last night was an amazing night full of laughs, drunken madness and great food! My “karate family” came all the way down from the Lake District to give me a good send off into married life! I could not  be more grateful for this amazing bunch of people who I’ve trained with in my home karate club for years, supporting me through thick and thin.

My karate club has been a huge part of my life and it meant so much to me to celebrate getting married with these amazing, sociable, hard-core Bon Jovi fans and hard-working karate-ka (person who practices karate). I wanted to ensure each member I’ve had the pleasure to train with, got an invite down to my new home to experience Sheffield night light in all it’s glory.  To those of you who I have trained with and were unable to make it or I was unable to get in touch with, you still mean the world to me and the memories we shared in the club will never die!

ESKK Hag Night

After quality pub grub, ready for some Karaoke and the city lights!

Now that I got that sentimental stuff off my chest, time to share these shots from last night and relive the madness!

We started off in our new local pub for some beautiful homecooked food and some early drinks. It was also karaoke night so my tipsy self had a go at singing Black Velvet in front of people for the first time! The food and entertainment went down a treat at The Traveller’s Rest before we all piled into our minibus and headed downtown!

We spent some time in the grungy Dove & Rainbow with the good music, pinball machines, pool and of course real cask ales! Jenga was certainly a bunch of laughs at this wobbly stage in the night- especially balancing it on a stool!

The night was finished off in Reflex, the 80’s bar, where we stayed til closing at 3.30am! I’ve not been out this late since I was a student in Manchester and I ended up having to get up for a lecture after 2 hours sleep. If you know me when I’m drunk, I am just like a big kid, so when there is a dance pole and various things for climbing, spinning and summer-salting over then I’m in my element! I was too sozzled to notice how violently I was throwing myself over the bars and I’ve woken up today covered in bruises and a bump on the head, which I can certainly remember- I remember everything really.

ESKK hag night2

My Sensei, Chris (right) and long-term training partner, Dave (left)

What more can I say? I am not one for going out to clubs and bars etc. but with ESKK, I always have a blast! I’ve had many social dos with these guys, been to see Bon Jovi (incuding VIP Bon Jovi experience) and other gigs, been to exhibit at the Martial Arts Show and even over to the other side of the world to Japan with them! Now I’ve celebrated getting married with them, the experiences just keep getting better even though I’m no longer a resident Cumbrian.

Thank you, ESKK for keeping me in the club, even when I’m not at home! And thanks again for a top night with the best company- I’m so pleased you enjoyed Sheffield!

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