Countdown to Marriage #6: We got Married!

FINALLY got around to writing this blog post! What an amazing few weeks has been by getting married, having a wedding, catching up with family and finally spending some much needed time away, before coming home to adjust to married life!

Mini Disclaimer: All images in this post are owned by Pixie’s Photography or Richard McGowan. All rights reserved and are not available to copy without permission of named photographers. Thank you.

SO, does it feel any different?

1-18 10 17_wedding_0165

Automatically, I would answer “no” as in most situations, that is true – we are still as committed as we were before signing the register.

On the other hand, though, we have become a lot closer during this honeymoon period and I feel that the whole experience of sharing our commitment to our friends and family through our unique wedding (which was very creative and personal to us, not a traditional wedding) has allowed us to grow stronger.

I really didn’t think it was possible to love this mad tattooed guy anymore, but I guess it was and now I can’t wait to share my future with him, whatever the universe brings us…

About Our Wedding…

Wanting to keep the actual ceremony as low key as possible as it was a very emotional moment and I wanted as few a people in that registry office as possible as I get so anxious in situations where I feel on the spot- so Dean and I took our Mams into the room to witness us and take a few pictures as we done the legal bit and we were then greeted by the paparazzi of fathers and Cameraman: Granda as we left the building!


There was no official photographer as my Dad is as professional as it gets- we just needed a helping hand from a kind stranger in the Peace Gardens to take a photo of the whole Wedding Ceremony family party. Thank you to the random girl for helping us save this memory for the whole family 🙂

The Family

18 10 17_wedding_0167.jpg

It was such a unique and exciting moment, taking and arranging our own photos as a newly joined family unit-The Judds and The McGowans.

The Parents

18 10 17_wedding_0160.jpg

The Siblings (official & unofficial)

18 10 17_wedding_0145.jpg

By just having our own photoshoot, we could just be ourselves and create totally natural pictures, just like my brother-in-law here.

18 10 17_wedding_016218 10 17_wedding_0163

They say you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends. I feel like I need to point out, that there were actually 3 people with us that day who weren’t relatives, however, their close friendships with us have made them just as important as family. Thank you so much for being there to my Uncle Wayne-in-law and my sisters Jess & Nicola – us only children know how to look after each other like siblings 🙂

18 10 17_wedding_0142.jpg

18 10 17_wedding_0155.jpg

So, after the fun and games at the fountains, we headed to Browns in Sheffield for the rather intimate wedding breakfast with our family. The food was delightful, the company even better and it was just so great that our families finally got to meet and exchange conversations. We spent the rest of the day just hanging in the city, Dean and I waiting around to attend a live comedy gig at the City Hall – yes our tickets to see Greg Davis, we bought last year before our engagement, just happened to be on the day we became Mr & Mrs! As the the rest of our wedding celebrations were so unexpected and quirky, this probably doesn’t look too out of place!

18 10 17_wedding_0146.jpg

The Wedding: 20.10.17


The day of the wedding itself was chaotic right up until those doors to the main room opened and we made our last-minute organised procession…

Jess was staying with us throughout the course of the wedding celebrations, so pretty much became my PA and therapist for the whole thing- if it weren’t for Jess, I’m pretty sure I would have had a meltdown!

Before the event officially began, we had a photoshoot in Hillsborough Park, which was where the actual venue was situated; lots of Autumn photos were taken and the pictures here, pretty much sum up the atmosphere of the whole wedding. These are the photos taken by my Dad, however our official photographer was our good friend, Stacey of Pixie’s Photography- she done a marvelous job of capturing our event. When Dean and I first started dating, it was Stacey who took a photoshoot of us in a park back home and this is why it meant a lot for her to do the honours for our special day.

The weather could not have been kinder to us- it was mild with a gentle breeze and the kind of light which compliments all of the beautiful Autumn colours surrounding us…

The cape I’m wearing was custom made by Jess and her mam, Andrea – can’t thank you both enough for making this key peice of my outfit!


Then vs Now. Above is an imager our photographer took in our first couple of months together. Below is a very similar natural shot on our wedding day 🙂



20 10 17_wedding_0098

20 10 17_wedding_0085.jpg

Dean is here with Best Man, Nathan. It goes without saying that their attire is absolutley amazing! Everyone who dressed up looked fabulous and we thank you all for joining in! Below is another Best Man, Jack. Both Nathan and Jack also worked together in creating us a surprise wedding cake, which you will see later in this post.

20 10 17_wedding_0087.jpg

Dean had his official Best Men picked out, however, there were others whom went beyond their roles as Live Actors at the event, to ensure things were running smoothly and assisting King Dean and the Hobbit Queen (myself) in any means they could. Thank you to Vincent (pictured below far right), his brother Damien (below, far left) Zack (mid left) and Best Man, Dan (mid right).

20 10 17_wedding_0089.jpg

The King with his 3 entertainers! Vincent, Damin & Zack.

20 10 17_wedding_0111.jpg


Above, The Hobbit Bride and her Lady’s: Maiden of honour Jess & Kelly, my one and only full cousin- both of which had the peasure of sharing my childhood and the mad adventures we used to get up to!




My Father-in-law knows how to lighten the mood… or give my brother-in-law a mental scar for life…

20 10 17_wedding_0107.jpg

20 10 17_wedding_0101.jpg

20 10 17_wedding_0102.jpg

20 10 17_wedding_0109.jpg


All the Best Men looking awesome and dramatic…



Above: The ones I grew up with ^_^


And now the united clan of crazy family & friends!



Who needs confetti when you can celebrate with nature’s own home decor…





The hall at Hillsboroug Arena was decorated to perfection! The stylist, Scott, just knew exactly what we wanted and he done such an amazing job at transforming this local football club into a fantasy Autumn wonderland! The felted woodland animals were created by my very own mother, Annis. Check out her work here and get more information on her unique creations and workshops.

We entitled our wedding: Autumn is Coming, which seemed a natural title following our rather Game of Thrones style entrance into the main hall before playing the movie we had been slaving over the previous week. The scene was so magnificent as we entered the candle lit space to a very warm welcome from our guests. This movie was our personal touch and replacement of the traditional ceremony and felt that this was our own way of invited our guests into our lives; it consisted of Dean and I’s own way of communicating our vows and a funny video compilation of moments we shared over our time together, featuring a rather drunk Dean…



The food went down very well and there was so much choice, including a cute little candy cart for the big and little kids! Our cake was perfect for the theme and was just the most unique thing, having it made by our very good friends, Jack and Nathan. Thanks again, guys!

20 10 17_wedding_0120.jpg

After the food, began the rather entertaining speeches: As well as my new husband, I wish to thank David (my Father-in-Law), Joanne (our very long-term family friend), Aaron (my Brother-in-Law), my Dad (Richard), Dan & Nathan (Dean’s best men) for their kind and supportive words on the night. I love how, when watching the video back, it got rather like an unplanned theatrical performance during the thanks as I had to send a search party for my cousin and Dean and I having domestics over the mic.




When the speeches were over, the music kicked off and everyone was keen to hit the dance floor. Dean and I danced our First Dance, with some backing from the best men and live actors, to The Time Warp!


20 10 17_wedding_0124.JPG


As you can tell by the above, it got pretty mental and everyone had a great time which is all Dean and I wanted for our wedding- for it to be personal, unexpected and damn right fun & games!

It’s taken so long to get this post out and I can’t wait to get started on editing the videos I have lined up but I hope you have enjoyed capturing the essence of our idea of the “happiest day of your life”. Please check out other work by the photographers: Richard McGowan (my Dad) and Stacey of Pixies Photography.


Thank you for reading,

Mrs. Judd x




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