We’re going to be parents!: Pregnancy Diaries #1

It’s been a long 15 weeks, but here goes- yes, I am indeed pregnant and we’re expecting our little baby Judd this Summer!

This is only part of the major reasons as to why I haven’t blogged in forever! There has been so much going on in our lives in 2017: moving house, Dean’s final year and graduation from uni, wedding and honeymoon before ending the year with a big blue positive on a pregnancy test in late November!

I just wanted to wait until after my scan before making this whole pregnancy announement and transforming my blog into a pregnancy diary for the foreseeable future- hope that’s OK!Β  I’m gonna start with the exciting news and then just give a quick recap of the past 3 months and how we found out!

The 12 Week Scan:

A couple of weeks ago, we had the most exciting experience of seeing our little one for the very first time! I was very ill on the day of the scan and had to call in sick for work but managed to get us to the hospital for the appointment- I guess it was anxiety in the form of being unwell as I was putting all my energy into having a positive mind.

We were clearly first timers at this appointment- getting sent from this place to the other, picking up info packs and freebies (which was the last thing on my mind at the time but did keep me distracted whilst waiting).

When we did actually get into the room with the ultrasound equipment, it all started to feel so real! I’ve only ever seen these machines on TV or on Youtube videos. It all happened so quickly- the technition told us she was going to have a quick look first, but it wasn’t too long before she turned on the monitor for us to see and then, there it was…


… Our very own little person! Not long after seeing the baby, it done a complete forward roll and stood on it’s head! It was the most amazing thing! I had tears in my eyes, seeing that this was the little thing that had been growing inside my tummy for the past 3 months and that all these little wriggles and hiccups were going on right in that moment! We could even see the little heartbeat fluttering away- strong and clear!

After recieving the good news that baby was healthy and happy, we got our official due date- making me a week further along than we first worked out! I was so amazed at how well formed baby was at this stage- the head, arms and legs all seemed perfectly in preportion at 13 weeks and 3 days.

Baby Judd is now due July 28th, 2018 and we simply cannot wait to meet him/her!

The Finding Out Story…

I guess, for about a week before taking the test, on some level I knew that I felt different. The further on I got in the week, I began to start thinking about taking a test even though it was such early days! I didn’t expect to get pregnant right away and I thought it would take a while but I couldn’t help feeling a bit strange…

Until one day, I decided “right, I’m getting test!”

I didn’t want Dean to know I’d taken one if it turned out to be negative (which I thought it probably would be). I think I was just ashamed of jumping the gun! I had all these creative ways lined up on how I would tell Dean, but I guess I thought I’d have had more time to plan them…

I called at the local pharmacy and got 2 tests. Before Dean came home, I tried to take one but ended up messing up as my bladder wasn’t full enough! I remember getting really upset having wasted it and not being able to know. I waited until later that evening and many more drinks had gone down. So, half way through a movie and chinese take away, I went upstairs to take the last test…

I was simply amazed at how quickly it worked now that it was done properly! Surely enough, there was a faint blue positive sign! I frantically read the instructions to see that even if such a faint line meant positive… and yep! Of course it did! I was in shock but at the same time I was so happy! I could feel tears welling up and I knew I really couldn’t keep it to myself any more…

I desperately tried to think of some last minute creative way to tell Dean, but I just couldn’t think straight! I just needed another human to acknowledge this right now! So I put the test on his pillow and called him up with a very shaky voice. He burst in, his face a picture of concern. I just pointed at the test and let him work it out…

Having never actually seen a preganacy test before, he had to actually work out that that’s what it was and then, also that it’s positive! He just picked it up, saw the blue plus and looked confused- obviously in denial for this short period. “Hang on. This, does this mean you’re pregnant?” I just nodded and threw my arms around him, full of happy tears!

Three more tests later over the next couple of days revealed darker and bolder lines. We were most definitely expecting!

At this point, we told our family and close friends about our exciting news. I waited until after Christmas to tell my old school friends who I still keep in touch with and now we can share it to the world after wanting to for so long πŸ™‚

The First Trimester: Symptoms, Cravings & More…

I’m gonna keep this chapter very short, as I get this is a very long and overdue post with so much to catch up on! The first trimester has been soooo long…

I didn’t really get any symptoms until about week 5 (or as I had it worked out at the time). I had noticed differences in the chest area and was pretty sore for a long time. The nausia started very gradually and I began to get actual hunger pains when I hadn’t eaten for a couple of hours. I remember being so desperate to eat, I would cry if there was nothing available right that second!

Before the nausia, I was very healthy and conscious about what to eat. That had to change when the hightened sensitivity to smells came into play! I completely went off eggs! Even the thought made me sick! After this it was just a matter of eat what’s not gonna make me gag…

I was not getting used to this sickly feeling (and I’m still not!) As a person who rarely gets physically sick, IΒ  have a genuine fear of throwing up. I thought I was gonna get away with it, until the day I burnt breadcrumbs in the kitchen in an attempt to make a healthy meal. That was the end of me cooking fresh meals for a while…

Christmas was certainly different. I had gone off roast meals and could barely eat any dinner! The house was full of food I’d got in to share with friends but I was so ill we couldn’t entertain and I didn’t want any of the food!

After Christmas day, I began to get sick more often and fall asleep at random times in the afternoon. I craved childish meals like chicken dippers and waffles and pizza. I’ve been absolutely loving chocolate ice cream, which is not good for me as I have an intolerance to lactose (and I did pay for it so gone dairy-free once more). I have also been really liking fruit and cucumber. Other than that, it’s really what I fancy and it tends to change, apart from the fresh fruit.

I haven’t really much more to say on this stage, as I think you get it from what I’ve already mention, that it’s not been an easy ride! I don’t like to be negative but I’m also not gonna pretend it’s all sunshine and daisies because this has been the most challenging experience of my life- never in my life, have I had to deal with so much sickness, which is the most untolerable kind of illness for me- BUT we’re nearly there!

I am now 15 weeks and into Trimester 2! The hardest days will be over and Spring is just around the corner!

Here is my 15 week belly (or lack there of). I guess the lemon-sized little baby just isn’t keen to take over and make room just yet…


Just before I go, I just want to put out there that my husband, Dean, has been an absolute angel! He’s been running erronds for me, making me food, being there when my head is down the toilet bowl, working extra hours at work while still continuing to make a good go of his art career on the side. He has been kicking ass at doing a man’s job and providing for his family and words can’t comprehend how proud I am of him! Thank you, Dean- you are already an amazing Dad πŸ™‚ xx

Thank you for reading and I hope you will join me for more pregnancy diaries πŸ™‚

Heather ^_^




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