18/19 Week Update: Pregnancy Diaries #2

Welcome back to my first ever pregnancy journey!

Eastern Medicine to the Rescue!

Into the 2nd trimester now and things are looking much better on the whole physical health side of things. After taking about 3 weeks off work sick with unbelievable nausea, low energy and motivation, I decided that, in my final week, I would try some traditional acupuncture as part of the little “get back to myself” campaign.

The day I had my first appointment, my parents were coming to stay for a few nights and I was already starting to get my energy back after a few up and down days with occasional vomiting. I was just desperate to get back to work and be able to look after myself and my home once again! 

I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the treatment itself, although I knew one thing and that is that I trusted Eastern medicine more than the doctor’s recommendation to “take sickness pills” and had every faith that it would do something positive. The lady who performed the acupuncture was lovely and took some time getting to know about my health and give me some nutrition advice based on the Chinese food medicine approach, which was so helpful!

The treatment itself was incredibly relaxing and I just remember feeling this massive blissful wave overcome my body and wash away the feelings of nausea and fatigue. I felt a bit sleepy during and just after the treatment but it was more chilled-out than a feeling of being drained. I just felt in balance once again and this feeling grew stronger over the next few days as my Mam helped me declutter and clean my kitchen, as well as getting on top of the laundry and by the Sunday before I was due to go back to work, I had enough energy to clean my whole house and cook dinner for Dean coming home from work. We ate at the table with candles as a celebration 🙂

My second treatment was just as enjoyable and I was told that I didn’t need any more for now as I was feeling back to myself but if I did get out of balance again, I knew who to call!

Yoga for Pregnancy

Last Saturday, I started a local Pregnancy Yoga class, which I had been discussing going to with a friend who is also pregnant and about a month further along than me.

Once again, the Eastern ways know how to understand a body- and a pregnant body! I really enjoyed learning postures that I could practice in preparation for labour and support me throughout the rest of my pregnancy. It was also lovely joining a group of ladies who were also pregnant- all of us in one room. There was such a lovely atmosphere in the room!

I’m really going to enjoy attending these on a Saturday morning; especially with that lovely drive through the Derbyshire countryside!


So as the nausea fades, new things start to come out in the wash.

“Baby brain” is most definitely a thing! I know I used to forget what I was talking about normally in sentences, but now it’s getting unreal! I keep forgetting about little tasks and what I was meant to be doing. Very frustrating, but comical at the same time.

Early bed times are now a must that I’m back to work and I sometimes need to get up as early as 4am! I have an afternoon rest, or nap now so when I get home from work and eat, I force myself to sit still and relax or try and sleep. This was recommended by the acupuncturist as well as remembering to stay hydrated!

Demanding physical needs! Oh my gosh, the amount of things I need to more of is unreal! Sleep is one I’ve already mentioned. Normally, I don’t need to pee that much in a day and never get up to pee through the night- now I am actually being woken up by my body to go to the bathroom. Hunger is like nothing I’ve experienced since I was in my teens and exercising 5 days a week and even then I wasn’t grazing anywhere near as much as I am right now! I just want to eat all the time. This is a bit of an issue with work because I have to constantly have a supply of snacks in my bag- which is quite amusing for my colleagues when they get a glimpse of my huge stash of tomatoes, cucumber, rice cakes, melon and whatever else I’ve got.

The Bump…

I think, I finally have what appears to be a little belly growing. To people who were aware of my flat tummy before may notice that I’m a bit more convex than usual. However, if you didn’t know I was pregnant, then I may just look a bit bloated. This little bump started to slowly appear around week 16 or 17 but isn’t “popping” any time soon. I have felt some tiny stretchy feelings but barely noticeably. My abs just aren’t willing to give just yet. I have mixed feelings about it, as on one hand, I’d like to actually look pregnant but on the other, I guess it means I have strong abs and I’m a lot more free with my movements than I will be later- so I guess I should just be greatful and enjoy being small while I still can. This photos were taken at 18 weeks but my bump hasn’t really grown much since, so behold the update…


Either way, big bump or little bump, I’m just so greatful to have this little person growing in there and now that he/she can hear, I’m enjoying talking to them, reading stories and introducing some good music to their little ears!

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