Week 20/21 & Gender Reveal: Pregnancy Diaries #3

Yesterday I turned 21 weeks and earlier this week, I had that all-important anomaly scan to ensure baby was developing well and all the vital parts are functioning. Keep reading to find out if we have a little girl or a little boy…


I’ve been feeling pretty tired and losing energy quite early in the day and for the first weekend of week 20, I was asleep or on the couch for most of the weekend. I soon got some energy back for the in-laws visiting, as they were coming along to our scan for support while they were staying with us.

Apart from the tiredness, I’ve not been sick or had many other symptoms really (other than baby-brain). I’ve still been eating like a horse and trying my best to eat healthier- I’ve signed up for an organic fruit and veg delivery to help get me motivated on hearty home-cooked meals again, so I’m pretty proud of myself for doing this!

Movements? & Bump Growth…

I feel like my bump is starting to grow now and that it has grown a little since the last update but I didn’t think there was enough significant difference to take another photo.

I’m one of those pregnant first-time mothers who is like “I think I felt something but I don’t know…” I think, the night before the scan and just after, there have been tiny little random pulses coming from my lower tummy near my right hip, and funnily enough, is where baby was through a lot of the scan! So, maybe it was a tiny movement…

The 20 Week Anomaly Scan…

Dean and I had company of my mother and father-in-law for this particular scan and were very keen to support us and be part of the early moments in which we discovered the gender of our little one. The scan was very drawn-out as appointments were running late and I was getting very anxious to just get in there and see baby again so this just made it seem longer.

When, eventually, our technician did come to collect us, I was very quiet until she was pleased to announce that the little heart was there and ticking away nicely, before we saw that little one again- who was already on the move!

We found out pretty early in the scan, the gender of our little one…


And here HE is! Yes, we have a little BOY growing inside me right now and he is looking all healthy and normal 🙂

Little Baby-Boy Judd is a wriggler! He didn’t stop through the whole scan and made it very awkward for the technician to get a clear view of his heart. This meant I had to take a walk and “half-empty my bladder” which is NOT an easy thing to do by the way. This seemed to sort him out and the technician was able to get everything she needed when we came back.

I do need another scan, as they want to ensure my placenta moves up by 32 weeks because it was sitting quite low in my uterus. I’m feeling confident that it will move after the very lovely midwife explained to me twice that it normally does this and is just a random thing that happens to some women, so I’m not worrying!

Gender Reveal to Friends & Family…


We found out we were having a boy almost a week ago now, but I have delayed this post as Dean and I wanted to have a special “Gender Reveal Party” with our good friends, here in Sheffield on Saturday at our local pub.

Our friends and family from home, we have been calling and chatting to online to share the exciting news and more importantly, that baby is healthy and developing well, as discovered at the latest scan. While we were still at the hospital, we used the little converse outfits above to show Dean’s parents which colour their future grandchild would be wearing 🙂

As excited as I was to find out the gender or our first child, I was more fixated on looking at those little organs and bones and ensuring that everything was there and working alright. It wasn’t actually my initial decision to want to know the gender at this stage. Dean really wanted to know, mainly for practical reasons- I’m sure he has some weird and wacky male fashion sense lined-up for our son. I felt it was unfair to not find out if he wanted to know, so I compromised this time- maybe next time we will both want to wait. Either way, I don’t regret finding out as Dean and I both have a special name that we both love and will be announcing when Baby-Boy Judd arrives this Summer.



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