Week 25/26 – Blissful Spring Sunshine: Pregnancy Diaries #5

I am now 26 weeks pregnant and heading very speedily towards the final trimester yet feeling very empowered from the hypnobirthing course which we have now completed!


Hypnobirthing Wisdom…

So now we have actually completed the whole Katherine Graves hypnobirthing course, we feel so much more confident after the huge amount of information on birth and labour as well as the hypnobirthing techniques we have gathered as part of this relaxing, empowering course delivered by a lovely qualified midwife called Julia.

The course was hosted at Julia’s home in a cosy, warming environment with a comfortably sized group of other new parents, which we were so excited to meet. We were certainly well catered for, with tea, coffee and snacks (including delicious homemade treats) for break times. We also got a copy of the Katherine Graves hypnobirthing book and scented candle as part of the package which we now use to practice our techniques of relaxation and information on all of the things we need to think about when preparing for the birth of our little boy in just over 2 and a half months now!


We did not realise that there are so many decisions to consider in various birthing situations and choices to we are offered in the UK; it’s such a good idea to start considering most of them now so that when we do the birth plan with our midwife at week 36 (we were quite shocked at how late that is) then we will be able to answer the questions quicker and with more knowledge and research behind us.

If you are interested in hypnobirthing and want to know more about it, then head over to Julia’s website, Birth Up North, where it is explained thoroughly and there are plenty of positive birth stories to read from other parents who had used hypnobirthing as part of their birth experience- so direct your pregnant friends/ family members here

Bigger Bump, Bigger Movements!


I know I’ve been pregnant for months now, and for 3 of those months, I felt more like I had an illness than pregnancy, however, when I entered my 26th week I suddenly looked and felt like a real pregnant lady!

My bump now pushes through my loose clothes so people can actually tell without having to be told, now, that I am pregnant. I actually had a bit of scare at the weekend when I realised how big my belly actually is (compared to my usual flat abs) and that it was only going to get BIGGER from now on as baby piles his weight on in preparation for birth.

Not only do I now have the consistent reminders in the form of the big belly but my little dude also likes to move A LOT and kick VERY HARD right now! Not quite into a predictable pattern yet, but if he’s quiet for a day, then he will often put in a night shift and relieve any anxieties not feeling him has brought on.

Embracing Pregnancy…


I am so blissful in this part of my pregnancy as I near the end of the second trimester before the final countdown. Everything seems to be sliding into place and I feel very content, although there are plenty of things which are likely to cause worry (finance etc.), BUT we just focus on the fact that very soon we will have a little Baby Judd to welcome to the family and everyone can’t wait to meet him!

We have had delightful weather last week and into the weekend so we’ve been able to get out into the garden and get closer to nature as the Spring sunshine makes it so pleasant to be outside absorbing that important vitamin D from the Sun- and it has given me tons of energy! This has brought to life, the wonderful hypnobirthing visualisations which I have pictured as we practice keeping calm and serene. All combined with the relief that we have started work on the garden, decluttered and tidied the whole house as well as enjoy much needed time with my parents- buying a BBQ and chilling at the the pub with refreshing drinks before our little trip to York where we stayed in the most beautiful B&B, ideally named, The Willows.

23 04 18_0187
Photos and editing by Richard McGowan



Finally, We Have a Nursery!

I have saved the best until last in this one, as this is something I didn’t think would happen BUT, yes, we do indeed have a special space just for little Baby Judd, now!

If it weren’t for my amazing parents helping us out this week, I don’t know how we would have got it all sorted- thank heavens for family support and right now we appreciate it more than ever! My parents came all the way down from our hometown in the Lake District to stay with us before we had a little trip up to York for an overnight stay last weekend and while they were here, they helped with the mammoth task of shifting our guest double bed into the attic (was Dean’s office).

As we had to shift pretty much all of Dean’s office into the other attic room (he used as a studio/ workshop) he had to spend hours reorganising his space to put it all in one room, which he managed to do completely on his own and made very good use of the space!

Not only do I want to thank my parents for all their hard work, I want to thank Dean for dropping whatever project he was on with to cooperate in getting it all done so we had a lovely, clean, open space to come home to today. Thank you so much all of you! This has been a huge weight lifted off my back and really satisfies my nesting instincts, looking at the open room we can now fill with Baby Judd’s things and knowing that we now have a safe, clean environment for him 🙂

Once again, thanks for reading and keep following for more pregnancy diaries and other lifestyle and creative posts!

Above photos of BBQ & Dean and I by the lake by Richard McGowan– Flickr page HERE.




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