10 Life Savers for my Pregnancy: The First and Second Trimester

Here’s a quick post which will go quite nicely with my Pregnancy Diaries series which has been my main focus on the blog these days; because guess what, this is actually a pretty big deal for me as a first time Mother ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve been thinking of all the things, big and small, which have helped me (and Dean) survive this pregnancy so far and, as I have just entered my 3rd trimester, decided to share them with you all…

1. Soda Water

Just a little thing, but amazingly this has been the huge tummy-settler for me whenever I’ve felt a little (or very) nauseous.ย  I have also been enjoying Rose Lemonade and other posh sparkling drinks like that. I don’t drink Coke or any sodas like that but those sparkling drinks are just so refreshing.

2. Acupuncture!

This is a HUGE one! This made the biggest difference as I was entering the second trimester and the awful morning sickness was just starting to ease, only 2 sessions of acupuncture had my body balanced right out and gave me a huge helping hand to getting back on my feet!

3. Afternoon Rests

One of the biggest changes for me when pregnant has got to be my energy levels. I am normally like a springer spaniel and can put in a physical shift and work and come home, still able to get on with things. However, from about week 9 or 10 of pregnancy, I was dead on my feet. Working made it so difficult to get things done as all my energy had gone into my shift. Sometimes I will just have a nap after lunch, but mostly just involves me watching a movie or something. I’ve had a few weeks now, where I have got my energy back, however, I am still finding that I can’t stay up late and I need that essential afternoon rest up before cooking the evening meal to recharge my batteries.

4. Prenatal Yoga!

Following on from the energy topic, one of the biggest steps I made to commit myself to an activity outside of the house, was to start prenatal Yoga. From about week 17/18 when I was starting to feel human again, I joined a local group with a friend in Dronfield. Not only is it a great class which helps prepare for labour and teaches helpful positions for pregnancy, I get to enjoy a weekly commute to rural Derbyshire, which is a beautifully scenic drive!

5. Tomatoes (and other organic fruit & veg from Riverford Farms)

Photo from Google Images

I have been raving about the tastiest tomatoes I have ever had since we started ordering from Riverford Organic Farmers. We get a weekly delivery of fresh fruit and veggies, which has helped our budget and kept us away from the crap (which I ate a lot of in early pregnancy, mainly for convenience as I was so useless). The reason I highlighted the tomatoes is because I am completely obsessed- I eat them every day and they make the perfect snack to put in my work food bag ๐Ÿ˜› Also since we starting cooking meals with this veg, I noticed Baby Judd moving a lot more- possible that it has helped him grow!?

ย 6. Hypnobirthing Classes!

Another huge one that has helped not only me but Dean too! If you have seen my latest post in the Pregnancy Diaries series then you will have seen everything we gained from investing in these classes- really worth it as they tend to go into more detail than most Antenatal classes apparently. We also have Antenatal classes booked with NCT in June, so we shall see how they compare. Hypnobirthing, however, is specific within itself and if you are interested, all is explained over on Birth Up North, which is the lady’s website who hosted our group course. We feel so much more relaxed and ready to prepare!

ย  7. Ina May Gaskin

Image from Amazon.co.uk

One of the first books I was recommended and have now passed onto Dean for his reference is Ina May’s Guide to Child Birth (available on Amazon.co.uk). This book really opened my eyes to the natural birth experience and links in so well with the Hypnobirthing techniques we have now learned about. I constantly hear this legendary midwife’s name mentioned in natural birth topics and I can see why her work is so influential. Natural birth itself is such an interesting topic and is the kind of birth I am aiming for due to the empowerment many women have experienced through it.

8. Vitamin D


Towards the very end of my 2nd trimester, we were fortunate enough to have some beautiful tropical weather upon us at the end of April. This was a time when my energy really boosted and my parents came to stay so we got going with moving the house around as the “nesting” began. It was the first week I could actually sit peacefully and mindfully in my back garden, out in the warm, afternoon sunshine. I felt so energised and positive- I even started taking an extra vitamin D supplement and I sure could feel the difference!

9. Joggers

I’ve always been one for comfort- usually dressing in jeans and t-shirts or hoodies. Pregnancy forced me to wear my joggers actually outside the house! Luckily I had a pair which didn’t look too sloppy for the first few months (to help with the bloating). I didn’t start getting so big that I couldn’t fit into any of my jeans until well into my 2nd trimester. A loan of elasticated waist jeans from my Mam was a life-saver as I really didn’t want to spend a heap of money on maternity jeans that I would only be wearing temporarily. Apart from those jeans, which I only really wore out to a meal or something, I have lived in joggers throughout the first 2 trimesters.

10. The consistent support of my husband!

23 04 18_0175

I feel so fortunate, that, at this most challenging time and as my body makes demands I never normally would have, Dean has been my knight in shining armour. He has pushed himself out of his comfort zone and sacrificed his own relaxation time and worked extra hours just to ensure I feel secure and cared-for. He has came along to all my appointments, meet-ups and classes as well as reading to me and bump in bed, keeping us topped up with food and water when I’m too tired to cook- he really is the most amazing Dad, whose son is still in the womb ๐Ÿ™‚

Most of all, he is the voice of positivity and the voice that I will rely on during those hours of labour, telling me that I can do this and that we are getting closer to meeting our baby…

Thank you, Dean xx



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