Week 29 & Excited for The Baby Show: Pregnancy Diaries #6

I have a feeling the next blog post will be all about The Baby Show, which we are attending this weekend, so best get the week 29 update up and about!


We’re going to the Baby Show!

Never mind the Royal wedding, I’m way too excited about attending the UK’s biggest baby event at Birmingham NEC this Saturday with Dean and his parents πŸ™‚ We will be looking to get a lot of the necessary “big” things for Baby Judd and to fill his little nursery we have recently allocated him. I heard, from Youtube videos and on their website, that you can get some great deals and the show and I also thought this would be an excellent opportunity to look at everything in one place, getting an idea of size/ ease of use for the major items we need. Watch this space for our experience of The Baby Show in the next blog!

Baby J is Live an’ Kickin’

So I guess the biggest changes I’ve noticed since week 25 is the movements! This kid has been going to town with his karate moves in my belly- I guess there’s no problem wondering if he’s going to take after Mama! He has grown a lot too and I can tell from my belly size as well as feeling little body parts under my skin as he wriggles around- it’s so satisfying having an active little guy πŸ™‚ The midwife was able to help us identify his position at the week 28 check-up and I’ve realise I’d been having a butt sticking out at me as he was presenting head-down, legs out like a little frog πŸ™‚

Maternity Leave is in Sight…

By the end of this week, I will only have 1 week left at work! I decided to take an early leave, due to me having a physical job with early mornings- I felt, as the tiredness starts to creep back in, I would be better listening to my body and spending a lot of much-needed time on myself before we start looking out for signs of labour. I really didn’t want to be at work too close to my due window as it’s not really the kind of job where I will have all the resources at hand if I unexpectedly went into labour- also I work on the road in a van with a guy, so probably wouldn’t want them to have to look after me in that situation…

Symptoms Update…

Haven’t really done one of these for a while so thought I’d add a little symptom update in this one:

Tiredness is back… Following on from what I was saying about leaving work before fatigue became an issue again, over the past week and earlier last week, I have been getting so tired I’ve struggled to get up for work- no matter how early I go to bed! I’ve been taking it easy in the afternoons when getting home from work and having a lie down if need be.

My First Ever Heartburn… This only happened for about 2 or 3 days on and off but I actually had never had heartburn before so I was unsure what it was as people have told me that it’s pretty much unbearable! I really didn’t think it was that bad other than a bit of an annoyance and I certainly didn’t need to take anything for it. It seems to be over though for now…

Heavy Belly…Β Adjusting to the size of my new belly is a continuous thing. I’m not sure if it even counts as a symptom but it’s something I feel a challenge to deal with! Having never gained more than a few pounds in my whole life, having a belly so big that it affects my balance, standing up and most of all, my ability to run is a massive thing to me! Just walking about I can feel the extra weight on my legs and even though I’m not even full term, it’s the biggest I’ve been in my life! I’m just happy that it’s a healthy reason to be this size πŸ™‚

This and That… Haven’t really had much more in terms of symptoms- I think I got my fair share of bad ones in the first 3 months! There are things that other pregnant women have mentioned and I’ve thought “oh actually, I have had a bit of that”. Things like muscle stiffness/ back ache, regular peeing and a bit of a stitch in my tummy when I change position sometimes. All of these things are just in small doses really. I also guess I’ve had some leg cramps but I’ve always (so far!) managed to stop it as soon as I’ve felt cramp strike!

Keeping On Top of Things

Despite starting to lose energy recently, amazingly, I’ve managed to keep on top of the housework and get through my laundry in the week and not having to leave everything until the weekend. So I guess my energy is better than in trimester 1 when I couldn’t even clean my own house!

I think we have the lovely weather to thank and that I’ve actually felt like being out in the garden, hanging out the washing or strimming the grass. I’m continuing to aim to at least get one bit of housework done every day after work as I’m feeling the benefits of having a clean, tidy house, clean birds, no pile of ironing and cooking meals with organic veggies πŸ™‚



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