Summer is Coming: Embracing Pregnancy in Nature


As I write this post, I hear the beautiful song of the Blackbird as he chirps triumphantly from his treetops. I feel the warmth of the Sun through the haze and the ever so gentle breeze caress my arms as I sit in my outdoor office (that being a makeshift sun shade in my back garden, next to my own birds, Nugget and Pickles, who are enjoying watching the garden birds took in to our feeders on the lawn.


Re-Connecting with Nature…

I have always loved the outdoors and felt close to nature; this is why Dean and I love our current location so much as we are surrounded by fields, birds, horses and the neighbours chickens. Since being pregnant and especially since learning more about hypnobirthing/ natural birthing, I have had this urge to just be among the living world outside. It has been such a difficult Winter, with my early symptoms, lack of energy and freezing temperatures, but today, I finally felt that peaceful aura of Summer; that sweet smell of green leaves, the distant humming of bees, the melodic chants of songbirds and that overwhelming pleasant feeling of soaking in the Sun’s positive energy.
This is what we have worked so hard for all Winter- these blissful Summer days, where nature comes alive right before our eyes. The first official day of Summer may not be here yet, but the weather has certainly mirrored it convincingly.

Last time I took a walk down the route I ventured today, everything was still and lifeless, covered in snowdrifts- in it’s own beautiful way. Yet today, the colourful meadows and trees were alive with the sounds of nature. Timid baby rabbits bounded out in front of me, a lively squirrel ran along the fence beside me and damsel flies danced in the tall grass. As I captured them on my camera, I was aware of how rooted I was to nature, that we, as human beings are natural creatures and belong to this natural world.


Inspired for an instinctual birth…

Remembering what I have read about natural birthing, I realised how important connecting to nature is and how much more empowered I feel to prepare for birth naturally as the books and my antenatal Yoga classes had discussed. Just watching the animals around me be so natural, authentic and instinctual, I realised how much we, as creatures of the natural earth, could be just as natural, authentic and instinctual…

This connection will help me find that instinctual part of the brain, which can also be assisted with Yoga postures and mindfulness, to engage that part of my brain which knows how to give birth naturally. Disappearing into nature not only helps me find inner peace and connection to nature, but also gives time to reflect on the thoughts that things may not go exactly as planned due to labour being so unpredictable.

Of course I am aware that I may not have a “perfect” birth and sometimes medicine may need to intervene if it means my baby is brought into the world safely; I will develop this peaceful, open mind to prepare me to be accepting of this from word go to avoid any stress or confrontation during the birth itself. As long as I am mentally positive, I believe I will be accepting of whatever birth I experience and all I want, at the end of the day, is to meet my son in the healthiest condition he can be in.

If there is anything I have been more grateful of during my pregnancy so far, it would be that, although I may have suffered with normal but challenging symptoms, my little boy has been healthy, active and developing normally throughout and this gives me all the confidence to feel like he will be the healthiest little baby when he arrives into the world. I honestly can’t wait to meet him!

Before I end this post, I also want to share my gratitude for the long, warm and sunny days we have been blessed with this Springtime. I feel that, with the Winter being so long and cold, we should not complain about the odd rainy day we have had or perhaps when the wind has gained some strength, as this is all needed for a reason. I have trust in nature and believe in that traditional Buddhist concept that everything happens for a reason 🙂
Thank you for reading.

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