What we got at The Baby Show 2018

Last weekend, we attended The Baby Show at Birmingham NEC and lots of goodies were purchased as well as freebies collected at the UK’s biggest baby event! The weather was hot, we shared the weekend with Dean’s parents and it was so lovely to share the excitement of making big steps in getting ready for Baby Judd’s arrival 🙂

This is not a sponsored post, however, I will link as many products or brands as I can for your reference if you are interested in or inspired by anything we have bought.  

Books, Books & More Books….


We already have quite a library collection in Baby J’s little book holder- we picked up a few classics as well as some new and interactive stories! These books were on a 3 for £10 offer at the Books & Pieces stand!

The Chicco Balloon Baby Bouncer


This item will be a great and interactive stimulator for Baby J when I need to put him down or just have a bit of play time. The little toys make sounds as the baby pulls on them or we can push the buttons for him- may not have been on the list, but it will surely be used and is a lovely gift from the in-laws 🙂

Here’s Thomas!

This Thomas play mat was only £20! Half price specially for The Baby Show! As a childhood worshipper of Thomas, I just couldn’t resist this as well as the little Thomas Jiggle we purchased 🙂 The stall we purchased these from was Rainbow Designs!

A Baby Bath & Temperature-Detecting Flannel!


This cute Skip-Hop 3-stage tub was a very practical purchase and a bargain with a show price of just £30! The tub has a little sling/support which adjusts as baby grows. We were that pleased, we threw in a warm-up bath cosy too, which is essentially a flannel/ cloth which detects the temperature of the water it’s holding so you know when to re-soak it with warmer water. Very beginner-friendly!

The Daddy Bag! & Animal Soother Holders

Definitely Dean’s favourite purchase of the day was from The Daddy Bag! Probably like most new Dads, he was excited to see a stall with products aimed towards Daddies with a practical use. Along with the changing/diaper bag that comes with our new travel system, we now have THREE bags, so I guess we are all sorted there. All I wanted was the duck soother holder (I’m attracted to anything with ducks on it) but the guy on the stall made us a deal (because I was telling Dean we really didn’t need another bag) to get 2 animal soothers and the bag for £40- again, just a special offer in the moment I guess.

Bambalino Slings!


This product has been on our list for a long long time! I wanted something simple and natural for baby to be carried in and have my hands free to do things around the house. I heard amazing things about slings in general, so we got a demo at the Bambalino stand at the show by a lovely lady who thought Dean was a natural when he got to have a go! The material is 95% organic cotton and feels so soft and comfortable when wearing it.

More Bibs & Dodies…

Yes, I got my son pink flamingos! But don’t judge because flamingos are cool! The muslin material from Nuby feels so soft and absorbent- looks like they will do the job for an affordable show price. The soothers were on offer: 2 packs with a steriliser box for £6 which was pretty good, as normally it’s about that for just one pack and one set even glows in the dark!

Beaming Baby Start-up Kit for 99p


This Beaming Baby kit contained nappy and baby wipe samples as well as lots of info and a £5 voucher exclusively for The Baby Show.  My Mam did get us a supply of Beaming Baby nappies and the lovely guy on the stand was pleased to know that we were already customers. I thought it was so cute how one of the info sheets was structured as a letter to baby 🙂

And Finally… The Big Stuff!

The Chicco Next2Me Dream co-sleeping cot.


Also from the Chicco stand as part of our gift from the in-laws 🙂 As this item has not been delivered yet, I found this image from Google to give you an idea. We got another beginner-friendly package with this cot including a night-light, mattress and sheets. If you want to check out the actual product and other Chicco ranges click here!

The Peg-Perego Book Scout Travel System.


Definitely our best deal of the day- a product worth over £1000 knocked down to half price for the show only! This item was delivered last Thursday and I was so amazed at how easily assembled it was and how neat it looks when it’s all set up!

The travel system included the carry-cot, car seat, toddler seat and changing/ diaper bag. We also got a few cheeky extras like the cup holder, a spare mattress for the carry-cot and a rain cover.  We definitely got Italian quality for a bargain at The Baby Show 🙂




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