Week 33 Update, Maternity Leave & NCT Antenatal Classes: Pregnancy Diaries #7

So I am officially on maternity leave! Time for freedom and plenty of much needed self-care before we have a little person who will become the new number 1 in our lives from the day he arrives in less than a couple of months now! Also, in this post, I’m going to include photos by Pixies Photography with whom we had a shoot on week 31. Stacey is an amazing photographer and has shared some of Dean and I’s most precious moments. I will leave a link to her Facebook page here  for you to check out as she does all kinds of shoots including weddings!

Freedom as Maternity Leave Begins!


I have been loving my pregnancy since I have been suddenly gifted the precious gem of free time before I don’t know what’s hit me in a few weeks and Baby J actually arrives. I pretty much had a week or so of just doing housework and chilling before last week when motivation for writing projects and being productive hit me!

You may have seen my blog post on Embracing Pregnancy in Nature recently; I feel that after this walk in the fresh air and sunshine, I was empowered and positively energised to get creative! Exciting changes will be coming to the blog soon and I will also be announcing another project which has been under the hood for way too long now…


Antenatal Classes with NCT

We chose to book with NCT because we were recommended them by a friend who mentioned that they covered alternative topics than most of the NHS ones, focusing on really practical stuff.

The first Saturday was a full day and we covered so much- a lot of which was sort-of revision from hypnobirthing when discussing what happens during labour etc. However, NCT did go into much more detail on C-Sections than hypnobirthing, which I believe to be very important and useful. Dean even got to volunteer to be a Mum undergoing a C-Section for the demo which was kind of hilarious to watch!

The second session was all about practical baby care and covered so many things I had no idea about! It was only half a day but it was so well packed with information about new-born babies, safe co-sleeping, feeding and all that practical stuff you need to know. The lady who taught the course was lovely and did very well at stressing important factors, bringing up things we may not have thought of to  put some thought into. I also loved how the course ended with a lovely relaxation script of visualising bringing baby home for the first time. I may have got a bit emotional during this activity.


32 Week Scan Results

Earlier in the week, we had another scan due to my placenta being low-lying at the 20 week scan back in March. I was getting a little anxious about it, although I felt fine within myself and baby. However, Baby J did us proud and impressed the doctor, allowing us to go back into Midwife-led care as the technician saw that the placenta was well out of the way now and that baby is looking great! We had a celebratory pub meal on the way home as, with no other concerns in the pregnancy, we can look-forward to aiming for a natural birth.


33 Week Brief Update

So I am now 33 weeks and enjoying maternity leave SO much! I love that it’s just me and my bump during most of the day now and that I can save my energy for being a wife and mother-to-be as well as have time to do the things I really enjoy.


I am managing to keep the house clean and tidy most of the time now. We have just got a few big things for the nursery now and our bedside cot and travel system has arrived so space in the house is starting to fill up, especially in the nursery as Dean constructed our new Ikea children’s wardrobe and we await a changing table and cot as gifts from family yet to set up in there! Today, I look forward to sorting out all Baby J’s things as to what I can store in the wardrobe and dividing up baby clothes to wash, ready to put away or in the hospital bag! 🙂

I haven’t really had much symptoms other than the usual random tired spells, feeling big and heavy with rib pains as well as the odd stitch due to trapped wind. I have been feeling really good most of the time even though I’m stretching everyday and can’t get over how big I am, even though a lot of people think I am small for how far along I am…

During the shoot, Stacey (Pixies Photography) did the honours of taking my 31 week bump shot and I have to say I was indeed shocked at how big I looked!

Thank you for reading and please feel free to share your pregnancy experiences in the comments. Follow my blog via email or WordPress to keep up to date with my Pregnancy Diaries as well as other exciting topics on discovering motherhood! 

If you are interested in Pixie’s Photography services go ahead and follow this link – https://www.facebook.com/Pixiesphotography1990/

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