5 Things I’m Doing to Prepare for Labour & Birth

Just another quick post to fill you in until the next pregnancy update. As I’m approaching the 35 week mark and only 2 weeks away form being full term, I figured this would be an appropriate time to write this post.

1. Yoga

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Prenatal Yoga classes were a must for me as I have experienced so many benefits from my previous experience of Hatha Yoga in the past. Postures learned during these classes are specifically introduced in order to help with labour and giving us that opportunity to tune into our bodies, allowing us to connect with that primal part of the brain which knows how to instinctively give birth naturally. My favourite poses have to be on all-fours or on my knees. I feel like this will be a comfortable position for me during labour.

2. Hypnobirthing Techniques

As I have talked about during my pregnancy already, Dean and I have been learning all about hypnobirthing and natural birth. In edition to the course and book we have been reading, I have subscribed to Katherine Graves’ daily hypnobirthing affirmation emails which I ensure to read aloud to myself each day. This helps me stay positive and keeps me reminded of all the good things I learned on the hypnobirthing course.


3. Birth Plan & Getting Organised

I know the NHS gives every pregnant woman an opportunity to make a birth plan and this is probably standard for most mothers, however, our birth plan will have extra notes for just me and Dean and also my parents.

Each antenatal class, PBM (Positive Birth Movement) group and any other advice we have received is all about getting organised and thinking about stuff we won’t have time to plan on the day. We already have a birth plan, ready to discuss with the Midwife this week, however, I’m currently in the process of thinking through little things like car park change, who handles phones, what can my parents do while they are waiting outside the birth room etc. Aside from the official “birth plan” I’m also compiling this list of other stuff so that everyone feels confident and in some sort of control, which will help me out, mentally during all the commotion and madness.

4. Packing The “Birth Centre Bag”

I know this is normally called a “hospital bag” and our birth centre is technically part of the hospital. However, I do prefer the term Birth Centre as it instantly calms me and doesn’t trigger my fear of hospitals and medical equipment. Although I have been feeling a lot more relaxed about the whole thing with all the discussions during the PBM groups and classes we have attended. 

Our bags (I know, there are more than one!) are packed! There may be one or two things we can add as we buy stuff, like snacks and emergency baby formula (I intend to breastfeed but figured just in case it would be an idea to get a small pack of formula). We have a main case on wheels which contains the majority of stuff, like mine and Dean’s overnight things and my postnatal stuff as well as the hospital notes. There is the Baby Bag which has all the baby stuff, including new outfits which I was so excited to pack. Then we have Dean’s “Daddy Bag” which will contain all of the camera equipment and snacks- basically everything he will be in charge of. (Good luck Dean :P)

5. Just using my time wisely…

And finally, I am just taking each day as it comes, thinking of productive things I can do which I will not have time nor energy for later. Things like keeping on top of housework when I’m not having a tired day, cooking/ preparing food in advance, planning, writing and I am even going to get cracking on editing some videos again! I finally have some new software to try out and get our wedding and such on Youtube at last! I have also finally published my first poetry collection!

Since being on maternity leave and having time to myself, I have been so creative and inspired to work on projects I can pick up on after I settle into some sort of routine when Baby J is here.

Image by Pixies Photography

I have never felt so content, just sitting alone outside and being with nature. I have never felt so in tune with my body and never experienced anticipation like waiting to meet our own offspring! This pregnancy has honestly been the best thing which has happened to me in my adult life and I have far more to say about this in a future post…

Thank you for reading. See you in the next Pregnancy Diaries post!

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