Quirky Baby Shower & 35 Week Update – Pregnancy Diaries #8

It feels so surreal now that I have actually reached this milestone! From when I had just had my first scan and saw my little Baby J on that monitor, 35 weeks seemed forever away! Well, here we are! On the home straight, I turn 36 weeks tomorrow, but here are the updates from week 35…

A Quirky Baby Shower

Last weekend, we invited a few friends over and ordered some (lots of!) pizza and played some games. The kind of thing we love to do when we have friends over, but this gaming session was extra special because it was to celebrate the arrival of Baby J, who could be along very soon!

As this was our own quirky idea of a baby shower, we did not have a register or ask guests to bring gifts (although we loved our little pug plush and amusing baby toy!) as we have been collecting everything we need over the pregnancy with help from our family and we would feel really cheeky asking for stuff from our friends too. This is also why I have not asked my friends from home to bring gifts when I catch up with them for afternoon tea this weekend- I feel grateful already, that they are willing to travel to Sheffield/ Derbyshire to see me 🙂

Meeting Our Health Visitor

So we have now been introduced to the local health visitors service and had the opportunity to discuss any of our concerns with her. The lady we got was lovely and chatty, making the process even more exciting as it always helps to see a friendly face when discussing important serious issues. I was thinking she would have wanted to see the nursery so I went mad (nesting again) cleaning the house and making sure everything was tidy upstairs. Turns out she didn’t need to go upstairs but at least the house got a good once over!


The Birth Plan

This week, we saw our midwife for a longer appointment to write up our official birth plan. We do have a draft prepared with all our answers to the questions the NHS asks just so we are prepared and don’t need to spend too much time on every question.

Getting the final bits ready…


I have now packed our hospital bags! I did go on about these things more in my last blog post so I will just briefly mention what is ready.

We have the baby clothes washed and aired and organised. I just need to put them away when we put our new changing table together- thank you to Dean’s lovely Auntie for this gift! Everything is organised in the wardrobe, maybe just a few new clothes to wash that I’ve bought more recently.

We now have the bedside crib in our room. Just need to wash the bedding and get all that set up properly.


How is Mama?

Well I have been getting really tired and emotional recently- but only at random times. I have been getting really impatient with technology. I just want to edit some video footage that is all piled up from last year and just don’t seem to be getting anywhere with new software and my uber slow laptop!


Most of the time I’m my usually happy self. Feeling really big now and in this heat, I am extra warm as I am a walking incubator for this little hot water bottle I’m carrying. I just want to lounge around in a huge t-shirt and shorts that I just don’t seem to have enough of that actually fit! Clothes have become an issue and because I’d rather spend our maternity budget on baby’s things, I just deal with whatever at the moment- and keep on top of laundry!

Rib pains are still happening and I got some ace advice from my yoga teacher last weekend so will be putting that into practice. Apparently my favourite back stretch, where you lean forward like child’s pose, is good for it.

The belly. Well. I feel like a planet right now with little arms and legs. But I’m glad that it shows baby is a healthy size and that I am most definitely on the final leg of this pregnancy marathon. It has just occurred to me that I may only have one or two more of these updates to write before I’m introducing little Baby J!


Thank you for reading this update. If you are interested, please so stick around and check out my other posts on this new and exciting topic for me to be writing about and I invite all of you experienced and inexperienced mamas to leave your thoughts below 🙂


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