5 things I’m looking forward to in Motherhood

So, last weekend, my due window opened as 37 weeks marks the full-term milestone. I have been thinking a lot about meeting Baby J and the exciting times ahead. I thought I would write a post about what I am most looking forward to about being a mother and see what this sparks up for yourselves; perhaps it will bring back memories from when you had your first child, maybe you are also at my stage and are also looking forward to this special time or maybe you are thinkig of starting a family. Where ever you are, do feel free to share your thoughts in the comments 🙂

1. Experiencing this maternal bond at a whole new level

Over the nine month journey of pregnancy, I beleive I am finally growing into a real mother. I am starting to understand that feeling even stronger, that although Baby J isn’t on the outside just yet, he is our number one and already has his own little personality. He is here and everything we are planning and doing is for him. I just can’t wait to experience the power of the maternal bond when is here and we are tending to his every physical need and are finally able to hold him.
I remember clearly the day I finished work on maternity leave and was finally able to tell Baby J that it’s just me and him now- nobody else’s schedule to answer to but his and my body’s. That’s exactly how I have used my maternity leave so far- listening to my baby and my body.

2. Watching my husband become a father

For as long as I have known Dean, I saw him as so youthful, innocent and childlike. Since he left home I watched him mature, develop a sense of pride for his own space and push himself out of his comfort zones- essentially grow from a teenage boy to a young man. I’ve also known how much he wanted a family and how naturally he mixed with children and how they just seem to love his company. I couldn’t ask for a better father for my son and I can’t wait to watch him grow more with Baby J and our children in future.

Dean was told by his own father that, although I am already feeling like a mother, it can be different for fathers and it will suddenly hit him after the birth and he is able to hold his child for the first time. I truely beleive this and when it does, he will be even more committed and determined to achieve his goals and be an amazing provider for me and Baby J.

Photo by Pixies Photography
Throughout the last two semesters of my pregnancy, Dean has been handling his maturity into fatherhood in his own way- working countless hours both in and around his day job, nurturing his own new baby- his business. I think the pregnancy has sparked a healthy drive within him to use as much time possible before the birth to get in those essential first steps to acheiving his dream.

3. Meeting other Mothers & making new friends

My mam met most of their best friends through taking me to toddler groups and social activities. I have already met some lovely mama’s at pregnancy groups, yoga and antenatal classes and am aware that there is so much going on socially for after baby is here also! I will most definitely be attending post natal yoga as the same lady from antenatal yoga also hosts these classes.
There is a lot of talk about new mams feeling lonely after their husbands/ partners return to work and they are suddenly left with baby and being home alone all day can be rather socially isolating. This is why it is so great that these social parenting groups exist and I would love to take full advantage!

4. Family holidays & day trips

Packing lunches, loading the car, planning routes and budgeting for such events are all little things I just can’t wait to organise and be “the mam” on a family day out. Dean and I have shared so many trips and holidays together but now it’s going to be so much more special taking our own little dude to share new experiences with. Even just a trip back to our home county, Cumbria, will be an exciting expedition for our new family; just thinking of the madness of Dean, myself, baby and birds in the car journey up the M1…

5. Indroducing our baby to the family

baby holding it s parent finger
Photo by Andreas Wohlfahrt on Pexels.com
Finally, and most importantly, we simply can’t wait to hold Baby J up on pride rock and announce him by name to our world. There is no doubt he will be a popular little guy and I just can’t wait for him to be the centre of our lives. By the way, we do have a name, however only a handful of close family are aware as we wanted to keep it as a surprise for the birth announcement.
So many of our lovely family members and friends have already shown him so much love by giving us gifts to help us take care of him- and for this, we cannot be more greatful!
Thank you for reading this little post. Please follow my blog to find out how the rest of my pregnancy journey goes- not long now as I’m 38 weeks tomorrow!

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