7 Sounds of Summer: Being present and mindful in summer time bliss

This is the last post I’m going to share which isn’t actually pregnancy or parent-related on this blog before I indulge myself into a new lifestyle! I will probably always write about nature, however, so don’t go too far if you are not part of the family audience… 

I was inspired to write this post, as I stood in my kitchen with all the windows wide open in this summer heat. I heard so many sounds which instantly calmed my inner pool of balance, allowing any anxieties to just wash away.

Being mindful, or being present in a moment is one of the most effective ways of relaxing and purifying the mind and body for myself and many others. One way to be mindful is just to count (or even just take note) of all the sounds going on around you which will instantly magnify when you close your eyes. On a warm day, just sit down either on the ground or a comfy chair outside and just notice the sounds of summer…

1. Bird Song


This has to be my most favourite sound in the world. If you are a bit of a nature buff like me, try and identify the kinds of birds you can hear. Or just listen to how many different birds are singing their little hearts out and imagine where they are or what they might be doing as you listen.

2. Bees buzzing nearby

Although this may trigger a bit of adrenaline for some people, just try using this as a challenge and just listen to the bee on his busy journey amongst the flowers. He has a job to do and isn’t always interested in stinging random humans that are just sat quietly posing no threat.

3. The rustle of leaves in the trees


If you are in woodland or anywhere near a tree, you may hear the comforting whisper of the breeze disturbing the green, summer leaves. A breeze that you can identify by tactile means, yourself, as it gently cools your face in the warm sunshine.

4. Grasshoppers & Crickets

Walking through a meadow on a summer’s day is usually accompanied by multiple buzzes of grasshopper legs and crickets. I used to love following the sounds which lead me to the individual little grasshoppers as a child and I sometimes find myself doing just that now, in order to get a good picture of the unsuspecting critter.

5. Children playing outside

beautiful blond blur child
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In early summer evenings and weekends, it has been rather comforting to hear the sound of children’s laughter and screams as they play in their garden- perhaps having a water fight or playing ball games.

6. Lawn mowers

When the grass is growing after a healthy rainfall, it is only evident that you will hear the sounds of neighbours cutting their lawns and shortly after, that green smell of freshly cut grass in the atmosphere.

7. Water

background image beautiful blur bright
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

And finally, in the summer heat we all need a bit of water to keep us hydrated. Whether it’s the sound of a hose pipe, the trickle from a watering can or the flow of a nearby stream, even the sea (if you live on the coast) as you have been to seek-out a local water source on this hot, dry day.

What are your favourite sounds of Summer? Feel free to comment below…

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