Ready for Baby, Baby Ready For Us? 38 Week Update: Pregnancy Diaries #9

Well this is very likely to be the last- if not penultimate- post in this Pregnancy Diaries series before I introduce Baby J to the world in a brand new series! If you have been following this series, I want to thank you for staying with me on this unique experience and hope you stick around for more parenting and baby stuff in future!

The Nursery is Complete!

For something that wasn’t originally on the to-do list, our nursery is look very cute and baby-ready right now! We were just going to keep it minimal and have his things in our room, however, seeing the massive build up of things we were collecting, the decision to move the spare bed into the attic was a fabulous move and we now have so much storage for all of baby’s things! Once the changing table was built (and that was a bit of a headache to assemble!) I could finally organise all of his drawers and put things away 🙂


Nursery tour post coming soon…

Baby Shower #2


At the end of June, I had another baby shower with my best friends from back home- most of whom travelled all the way from Cumbria to stay over and join me at Renishaw House & Gardens for a good old British afternoon tea! The weather was (as it still is) tropical and the girls enjoyed a lovely catch-up at the venue before we headed back to mine and had a drink at the local pub beer garden. Thank you for a beautiful afternoon,girls, it was so great to catch up and share this experience with you all!



Reality Check! Baby is Getting Ready…

My last midwife appointment revealed that Baby J is engaged, in the right position to be born whenever he is ready! Yes, as you can imagine, this was quite a scary (in a good way) thing to hear and certainly triggered the reality that very very soon, Baby J will be out here with us- and we have to take care of him!

I was aware that babies can arrive at any point within the due window (37-42 weeks) but to have it confirmed by a professional midwife that my baby is head down, right down and ready was a huge reality check! I think I’m still taking it in, and taking extra care as I drive around thinking “oh my god what if my waters go now!”

Another reality check for me was that my friend, who was only 3 weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy,  has just announced the arrival of her little girl! It only seems about a week ago that we were both celebrating being very close together on this pregnancy journey together after discovering each other’s pregnancies!

Using Yoga & Craving Vegan Food?…

It has now become more useful to me to start bringing my yoga practice into daily routines as I’ve found it really helps my rib pains and helps me feel balanced all round. The “Cat” and “Moving Cat” poses are definitely still my favourites and I feel are a main contributor as to how Baby J ended up where he is suppose to be! I learned that slouching back, although it eases my rib pain, is not a good thing- so I have been ensuring to balance it out by bringing “Cat” pose into practice each day and turn my belly to one side while I am sort-of slouching on the couch.


We went to a local gaming cafe with friends this week, and I found myself really wanting the “Vegan Platter” on their menu. I used to eat a lot of vegan food, yet since being pregnant, I lost all interest and craved so much red meat and cheese! The first trimester, in particular, makes it almost impossible to control your diet! I know I’m not the only woman to say this! I have been eating a lot of Greek salads over the Summer so far, yet this sudden Vegan meal craving did make me happy that I was actually craving something very healthy for once! This gave me a good feeling that I may actually be able to get back into my more organic-hippy-lifestyle again! (With baby’s rules of course.)


New Bump Shot & Being Bigger…

I think my bump growth has slowed down over the past couple of weeks, but I definitely feel heavier! I still get rib pains and upper back ache with carrying this extra load, but I’m managing them as best I can.

… And here is the bump shot- as you can tell, he has slid down and my egg-shaped bump looks more like a boob shape now.



Thank you for reading my update for week 38! Please bare with me on the next one, as all of this pregnancy/ birth anticipating thing is so unpredictable- so just watch this space to see what comes next!

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