Heather Blogz is Changing! New Name, New Niche…

I’ve decided, after my experience so far of anticipating parenthood and loving to document it so much, I’m going to re-brand my blog! From Lifestyle to Family Life, here’s the low-down on all the changes…

I will be honest when I first started blogging, I just wanted a simple name and to be honest, I’ve never been a fan of that “z” at the end of my name and it’s been irritating me for a while. As soon as I knew I wanted to narrow down my niche, I knew instantly that a new name was also needed.

The New Name Will Be…

Mama Quackers Logo open beaks (text)

Hope you like the fresh, new, cute logo! Designed by Hubby, AKA the Tattooedteabag using his professional tools. I’m absolutely in love with this design as it just sums up my belief in achieving true life balance, while having a lot of fun and to keep smiling along the way and bringing out your inner-child. These little ducks (Ducky & Dyliss) are a very significant symbol of my childhood and continue to inspire my journey into raising my own child; may the magical, comforting, fuzzy and imagination-filled days of young family life continue! I sure as hell can’t wait to learn this Mama thing and I want to share the journey with you along the way 🙂

Like Dean’s handy work, here? Check out his website and get in touch for any project you have in mind for him for a friendly, professional service:


Behind the name: As you may have guessed from my pregnancy series, like when I was a child, I am completely obsessed with ducks! They were my favourite waterside companions as a child and also my favourite cuddly companions, Ducky & Dyliss, as I mentioned, inspired the logo. I want my blog (and my brand) to represent family, childhood and fun things from now on, so I came up with this fun, friendly and rather quirky name to suggest this from the first instant.

I am aware of the negativity in the world, particularly on the internet- therefore I want my space online to supplement with positivity as part of that vital life balance we all need to survive. To me, after watching my cute little waddling, feathery companions, living or the stuffed kind, they never fail to put a smile on my face 🙂


Why the change?

Basically, having a specific target audience is more beneficial in any business or project. If I want to gain more followers and expand, the best thing to do is to know exactly who I’m blogging to and to give the readers something more than just a peak into my lifestyle-something to benefit them too.

Of course at the end of the day, this will still be my personal blog and I will be writing about my own experience, however, this niche idea will give me more of a chance to create more posts that my readers will relate to, find brands and organisations to work with in future and generate a following of people to share such a beautiful, relate-able topic with 🙂

Being pregnant and on early maternity leave has inspired me to write more and about something I feel very strongly about and it is also a subject I didn’t expect to feel so strongly about so suddenly! I guess, as a parent, I will never stop obsessing over my children and so, as I take this huge, life-changing step from writing about number one, it’s time for a new chapter and to start sharing the experience of raising the little one!

When is it happening?

From the day I become a Mother and Dean becomes a Father and our lives change forever, this is also when (or as soon after as possible!) the blog will change from Heather Blogz to Mama Quackers!

Reflecting the huge changes in my known lifestyle to the unknown.  Everything will be revolved around our child’s needs from now on, and until he is born, I will do my utter most to listen to my body and provide everything he needs!


Coming soon…



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