My Top 10 Favourite Hynobirthing Affirmations

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I will be using hypnobirthing techniques to help me during labour. I have subscribed to Kathryn Graves’ daily hypnobirth affirmation emails for pregnancy and these have been really helpful in preparing me for my first experience of birth. From these, what I had learned from the KG hypnobirthing course, I have a little collection of my favourite ones which I am most likely to use during the birth of our son. The cards in the pictures were home made by my husband and I just love how we’ve prepared something a bit more personal 🙂

Feel free to use these as inspiration for your own birth if you are planning on using affirmations. Also, please share your own favourite affirmations in the comments, below.

1. “Babies are born on long, slow out-breaths”


This is actually a quote from my postnatal yoga teacher, which I found really motivated me  to learn to breath outwards slowly, as I used to have issues emptying my lungs.

2. “I love my baby”

For my own affirmation card, instead of “my baby” it will actually has my son’s name, which I find much more emotionally stimulating and I know will get me during my labouring emotional state.

3. “Each wave brings me closer to meeting my baby”

In hypnobirthing, it is the norm to use softer, warmer words than “contractions” like surges or waves.

4. “I am tuned into my body, my emotions and my instinct”


This is exactly what I believe to be the magic behind hypnobirthing- being present with your body, understanding why it is doing what it is doing and not being afraid of it.

5. “I flow with the natural rhythms of my body which gently and swiftly ease my baby into the world”

I just love the beauty behind the words of this one. Basically reminding me how natural this process is and that my body will actually know what to do- it’s just a matter of trusting it.


6. “I trust my body, my instinct and nature to lead me and my baby gently through this”



This one, I changed the end slightly from the book to make it more appropriate for in the moment. 

7. “I have chosen to be relaxed, calm and confident”


Being in a confident state is essential for a smooth running of labour- by feeling confident, our body relaxes, reducing the amount of adrenaline which is the hormone which can prolong or even stop labour.

8. “My body is designed to give birth”


Another reminder of how natural this process is meant to be and can be the most natural, empowering experience in a woman’s life.

9. “Breathe in relaxation, comfort, peace and trust. Breath out tension, stress and negativity.”


Another slight adaptation from the book. I wanted to write these in a way which my partner read to me as an instruction- I think I will like to feel like someone is gently telling me what to do and guiding me as well as the non-verbal signals from my body. 

10. “Remember, baby is on his way and wants to meet you. We will soon be a family.”

This one is completely original and again, “baby” will be replaced with his actual name. This one is very personal and definitely will deliver some emotional motivation in the moment. 


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