Our Nursery Tour: Nesting & Organising Tips For Mothers-to-be

Our Nursery


Originally, my husband, Dean, and I weren’t planning on having an actual nursery- thinking we could get away with storing things around the house and have him sleep in our room for the first 12 months. Fortunately, nesting kicked in early for me and I realised how impractical and disorganised this would be! It was impossible trying to be minimalist about this with the growing collection of things on top of the wardrobe that just needed a place of their own…


So, once the guest room was turned into a penthouse suite and after so much family support, we got our furniture ordered and, a couple of weeks before the due date, finally assembled the changing unit with plenty of storage for the little one’s things. The only thing we haven’t go in the nursery at the moment is the cot bed and this is because we will initially use the bedside crib in our room until he is old enough to transfer.

This is not a sponsored post, however, if you are inspired by any of the things in our nursery I will link them throughout the post.

The Wardrobe


Our wardrobe is the SNIGLAR from IKEA and has a unique sliding-door feature which leaves the shelves open and easily accessible and hides the hanging items with any unsightly storage at the bottom.

On the open shelves, I put things which will be easy to just grab easily without digging through drawers such as his toys/ comforters, bags and our baby sling. I also used the top shelf as a kind of display shelf for some toys and keepsakes like baby record books and photo albums.


On the covered portion, where I won’t need access to as much, I hung his bigger outfits and knitted cardigans to keep them straight. I also stored a box of things he won’t be needing right away on the bottom.


The Changing Unit

This is our biggest piece in the nursery and provides a massive storage solution for more clothes, bedding and all those little bits and bobs which I have organised into IKEA boxes and drawer separators. Our changing unit is Roba Gabriella Changing Table from Wayfair.


We are unsure whether the manufacturer or the delivery department are to blame for this, but one of the parts arrived damaged and we had to wait another week for a replacement to be sent out, which was very quickly organised by the customer services team. The assembly was very difficult and if you are not a handyman (which my husband and I certainly are not) then it is a bit of a headache as certain bits looked different on the instructions and we had to improvise a bit with certain aspects. However, now that it is up and stable, we feel satisfied with the amount of surface and storage space it provides in the nursery.


As you can imagine, it makes sense to have the surface of the table all set up for changing. I have a little caddy that I got from Amazon in case I want to take supplies around the house or keep in the bedroom for those late night changes. The diaper/ nappy holder is also from IKEA and as I haven’t tried out my first batch of nappies yet, I have filled it with baby wipes as I have a huge stash at the moment.


On the shelf underneath the changing table, I have stored clothes I think will be used most in the early days, such as his onesies, vests and sleep suites. In the boxes, I have some knitwear, medical/ hygiene products and more changing supplies organised in an easy to reach spot.



Behind the unit there is actually space for bulky items which I would rather keep out of the way such as the bath, play mats and the part of the travel system which he is too small for at the beginning.


In the drawers I have all the rest of his clothes, including socks, hats and scratch mits. I organised the boxes into tops and pants and in the lower drawer is his sleeping bags, muslins and bibs.



The cupboard under the unit currently stores his bath towels and burp cloths as well as spare bedding on the bottom shelf.


Decoration and Features

As we are renting our place, we didn’t do any painting or drilling units to walls etc. however I did add a few features on display such as Baby J’s little book display from IKEA and his cuddly toys.


Thank you for reading this post and I hope you have got some inspiration if you are setting up your own nursery. This was a first for me and Dean and I’m really happy with how it’s looking. Now just to see how it functions for Baby J! 

I just wanted to end this with announcing that this is my 100th and final blog post for Heather Blogz! From now on, I will be posting as Mama Quackers with a brand new look and fresh niche to abide by! Thank you to all my followers who have subscribed so far- knowing I have a following (no matter how small) keeps me writing and loving what I do on here 🙂

See you in the new chapter!!!

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