Jesse’s First Month: Baby Development #1

As I got into this whole Motherhood niche with my Pregnancy Diaries, I thought it made sense to document our baby’s development too! Jesse was born on 08.08.2018 (magnificent date!) and if you like, you can check out his Birth Story here. I’m going to share Jesse’s monthly updates in this series, sharing his development as well as the adventures we’ve been up to, sharing some baby facts and parenting tips along the way- I hope you enjoy! 🙂

This first post may be longer than I intend the others to be, just because the first month was pretty special and there was so much we learned about! So please bear with me and this particularly long post this time 🙂



This month’s facts were found on and via the NHS website (regarding tongue tie issues.)

The First Week…

We stayed overnight on the labour ward and were discharged the evening. Even while in hospital, we noticed some development and mini milestones. With Jesse being 11 days overdue, he was very strong with his legs and neck- he could lift his head and turn to look over his shoulder, as well as head-butting (also known as “rooting”) my chest when he’s hungry which had us in fits of giggles.

Jesse slept a lot when we got home- if he wasn’t feeding, he was asleep. Although he was very alert for the short periods when he was awake.

This week, Jesse met his very excited and emotional family members. Grandparents, Uncles and Great-Grandparents had all travelled the miles from up North in Cumbria to meet the new arrival…




One Week Old

On the day Jesse turned one week old, we took him for his first proper walk in the stroller. I hadn’t got the hang of the sling quite yet and the weather was rather hot so we put him in the carry cot on the travel system. We have the Peg-Perego Scout Book (as detailed in my Baby Show Post) and I can actually confirm that after using it several times, it is a rather fab and easy system to use as first time parents!


Ducky Discovery #1

In the first week, babies can already recognise their mother’s scent, voice and can see 25cm in front of them! Babies are expected to lose around 7-10% of their birth weight.


Jesse actually only lost 0.8% of his birth weight by day 3, before he started piling the pounds back on. On his last weigh in, before being discharged by the midwives on week 4, he was over 9lbs!

2-4 Weeks

The rest of the month pretty much involved us getting used to taking Jesse out in the car and getting confident taking him out and about, as well as making our check-up appointments with midwives and the health visitor.

Dean went back to work after week 2 and I was left to tackle this alone- it was finally time to start my new dream full-time job 🙂 During the time Dean did have off work to spend with us, he really bonded with Jesse and we truly made the most of those special moments when we evolved from a married couple to a young family. I really couldn’t ask any more from Dean- from the moment he first held Jesse in his arms, he matured a whole new level and I am so proud to have him as my husband and father to our beautiful son.


Our Adventures…

We registered Jesse when he was 2 weeks old at Chesterfield (one of our first successful appointments we made on time!) and while we were there, we made a day of it and spontaneously managed our first family day out 🙂

On one of the last hot days of this magical Summer, we took a trip to walk down the canal at Kiveton Park. We even stopped for a cheeky bite at a local pub before Jesse had his first encounter with wild duckies!






During this first month, Jesse also attended his first BBQ at our friend’s birthday celebrations during the bank holiday weekend. He wasn’t that keen on the busy atmosphere and it was the sling to the rescue which settled him for a while, but we did take an early departure on realising he just needed to chill out at home.

Jesse and I registered for our first groups which we started at the beginning of September. We attend the “Fourth Trimester” parenting sessions with the Sheffield Sling Surgery on a Monday morning and Daddy is able to join us for Rhythm Time on a Tuesday lunch time at Dronfield! Meeting so many babies and other rookie Mamas going through the same stages as us is a lovely experience and I would definitely reccomend attending socials for parents if you feel up to going out!


Feeding & Sleeping

Of course, the questions everyone likes to ask parents with a new baby: “How is he sleeping?” and possibly “How is feeding going?” as everyone is concerned about your lack of sleep, especially in the early days. I have purposely kept these two subjects together, as with our experience, the sleeping only became a problem because of the feeding in the first few weeks.


Our only sleepless nights were only really when I found feeding painful and during engorgement and poor little Jesse struggled to latch, particularly as he was diagnosed with tongue tie and he couldn’t lift his tongue high enough to suckle. Apart from this and after his tongue tie was recently cut at the hospital, he’s settled into a loose pattern, where we only really have to get up once to feed him at about 3.30-4.30am when we have a late night- his last feed being at about midnight. He has had a few nights where he has skipped this feed and slept right through from about 10pm to 6am.


I am exclusively breast feeding, expressing for bottle feeds part time. I made the decision to express when I struggled to feed him during the painful/ engorgement period and figured bottle feeding would come in handy as Dean wanted to feed him also, and I was freed up to get things done. We got the hang of the whole breast milk storage thing and Jesse took the bottle right away- he doesn’t seem to care how he gets his precious milk, as long as he is fed!

Ducky Discovery #2

Breastfeeding the most natural and nutritious method of feeding your baby. Your milk is made up of specific vitamins tailored to your baby’s needs. This includes the consistency, adjusted to baby’s temperature- making thinner milk to cool them down and keep them hydrated or thicker to keep them warm. 

Breast milk also contains high levels of antioxidants, meaning it can be used to treat skin rashes, Mama’s sore nipples and will even produce a natural antibiotic if your baby gets sick. Breasts are really incredible, intelligent things! They even know exactly how much milk to provide for your baby.

The Latest Update


As I am pretty behind with this post (for obvious reasons!) I thought I would just quickly end with Jesse’s latest developments and antics. As I am writing this, Jesse is 5 and a half weeks old and due his 6 week check-up on Thursday.

We have recently purchased two books from The Wonder Weeks series which was highly recommended by other mothers and professionals to help us keep track of baby development. I may make more references from these books throughout this series as it is all about milestones in your baby’s development which is what this series is all about.  I will link to the books below:

We think that Jesse is currently going through his first “leap” (major brain development stage) at the moment as he has been rather clingy and fussy over the past few days. Along with this, we have noticed him taking more notice of things, following us with his eyes and grabbing hold of things within reach. Also, just this morning, I noticed Jesse making new sounds, generally being more vocal and he has been very active in between sleeps and feeds.

I hope you enjoyed this first Baby Development post and reading about Jesse’s first month with us. We can’t wait to update you with more adventures next month! Until then, I will be following this post with some shorter posts to try and keep the momentum going 🙂 

Thank you for reading,

Mama Quackers xx

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