Baby’s First Month Toolkit for Rookie Mamas

Over this first month, here are some things I found most helpful as a new Mama...

  • Baby wearing – We had previously bought two stretchy slings from Bambalino at the Baby Show. I found them very comfortable, however, after attending the Sling Surgery I have hired a couple of different ones which are easier to put on and adjust. I now own the Integra with Puddle Duck design (in the pictures). Slings and baby carriers are amazing for your baby as they create a cosy, warm environment next to your beating heart and they are gently rocked to sleep as you walk. The sling has never failed to soothe Jesse and he is usually asleep when we wear it. Learn more about slings and baby wearing benefits on the Sheffield Sling Surgery’s website or if you are local, why not pop in the Snug for a drop in session or get some expert advice at the Sling Spot sling library.
  • Breast Pump & Bottles – If you are exclusively breast feeding like me, you may find it a life saver to invest in a pump especially if you have an over-supply! Expressing can give you a break when feeding is sore and you are feeling rather “full”. It also allows Dad to feed and let you get on with things and ensure you have time to look after yourself.
  • Cotton cloths/ flannels or Muslins- Whenever you are feeding or changing your baby, it’s very handy to have one of these on hand to catch spit-up, cover yourself and dry/wipe baby’s bottom.
  • Photo by Pixies Photography
  • An organised changing bag- You most certainly need a changing bag, but an organised one makes all the difference to keep sane on an outing with a newborn. We have a backpack style diaper bag which goes everywhere with Jesse! I will be posting a “What’s in my changing bag” post soon and show you how I organise ours!
  • Snacking food & pre-cooked meals- For those indoor days when you just can’t get off the couch to cook lunch! Cluster feeding, growth spurts and development milestones all mean fussy babies and they just don’t seem to let you get anything done! I found pre-made salads and Nairns oat biscuits the go-to easy meal. Remember to keep snacks balanced- your baby needs the nutrition through breast milk to really thrive!
  • Comfortable Nursing Bras- You are likely to be wearing it 24/7 so make sure it’s comfortable! I got mine from Debenhams. They were mid range, price wise, but definitely worth it as the cheap ones soon got uncomfortable and awkward to feed in.
  • Notice board or Planner- Lots of health professionals want to see you and there will be a number of appointments as well as friends and family visits. It helped us out loads when I got a cheap whiteboard week planner from Wilko’s to make a note of upcoming appointments in clear view on the fridge, for myself and my husband to see.

Thank you for reading this little toolbox guide. I hope you find it useful and please follow the blog for more fun tip posts like this one 😊 Also check out my main series at the moment which follows Jesse’s growth in my monthly Baby Development series.

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