Out & About with Jesse: Baby Development #2

Welcome back! Things are getting interesting now with little Jesse as we look at baby development throughout the second month. Wow, I can’t believe he is over 2 months old now! The experienced parents really weren’t joking when they say how precious these new-baby days are…

This month’s facts were discovered in the Baby Play for Every Day book (links below) & information given during our classes at The Fourth Trimester,Sheffield. 

The One Month Milestone


On September 8th, Jesse was officially 1 month old! By this stage, he was more alert, feeding well and Dean and I were starting to get the hang of this parent thing. It was at this stage where Jesse and I started to get really sociable- it was time to meet other mums, babies and event organisers so we could make some new friends! As mentioned in the previous post, we had joined Rhythm Time, The Fourth Trimester and now we are socialising online via an app called “Mush”!

Ducky Discovery #3

By one month old babies can already make eye contact, recognise mama’s smell,  mama and daddy’s voice and faces! They may even be able to mimic our facial expressions and begin to smile! Jesse has been fascinated by Dean’s face and now, a bit later on, gets excited when he sees him.

If your baby is to really know both parents, it is important that Dad (or whoever is out working/ not the main carer) spends time looking after baby independently so that they get into “primary caregiver mode” and baby knows he/she can depend on both parents. (This information was given to us during a class at The Fourth Trimester program for new parents.) 


Mush is an app for your phone or tablet and was designed by Mums to help other Mums connect and support each other! As the app finds Mums in your local area, it is so easy to start chatting away and perhaps arrange a meet-up with other Mums and their little ones! There are even regular group meet-up in local networks! Jesse and I met a local Mum whose baby is only a couple of weeks younger than him- so far we have met several times and it’s just so lovely, discussing all the new things our babies are doing as well as attending local events together, like Rhythm Time and Move it Mums fitness class.

5 Weeks


We had visitors on Jesse’s 5th week! Grandma Annis and Grandad Richard came down to visit before our first trip up North as a family of 3. The first night they were with us, we left Jesse with them for the first time! It was so weird leaving him while we attending a game night at our friend’s house nearby- just me and Dean again…

Jesse had lots of fun with his Grandparents; we went for a walk with the stroller, we went out for a posh lunch at Browns in Sheffield with Grandma and played lots of games in the house!


This was also the week I discovered the perfect sling for us! The Integra with a rather appropriate “Puddle Duck” design from  Sling Spot in Sheffield, after a fews weeks of hiring from the Sling Library. Here are a few shots by Pixies Photography of us enjoying the benefits of baby-wearing, carrying or whatever you like to call it 🙂


Ducky Discovery #4

Carrying or baby-wearing is particularly comforting to babies in the first 3 months (also known as “the fourth trimester”) as it places them close to you, feeling your movements, hearing your heartbeat and voice as it soothes them like the familiar environment of the womb. Using a sling/ baby carrier can help your little one gently discover the world whilst still being close to you. This will help them in later life, giving them confidence as they grown, knowing they have this secure base to come back to when they need you.


Find out more on the importance of baby wearing at carryingmatters.co.uk


6 Weeks & Jesse on Tour!

When he was 6 weeks old, Jesse had his first big road trip up North to the Lake District in Cumbria, where the rest of his family were all waiting to meet him!



Travelling with a baby is definitely different to being a couple. First of all, what is normally a 4 hour drive, became a 6 hour slog and I was certainly more tired behind the wheel by the time we were once again reunited with those magnificent mountains upon entering Cumbria. Feeding had extended what was normally a 10 minute toilet stop to a chilled hour at Wetherby services on the way up and over an hour at Scotch Corner plus an extra stop in North Yorkshire on the way home.

There are several tips I have worked out from the whole experience:

  • Start packing a few days before leaving- not the day before! This helps save time so there is no last minute rushing around- also good for your mental health! 😛
  • Prepare at least one bottle- so hubby can feed while I eat during the rest stop
  • Expect the journey to take at least an hour longer than pre-child journeys!
  • Pack plenty of spare outfits in changing bag- digging through the suitcase would be a nightmare!
  • Entertain baby when he is awake in any way you can to distract from his hunger- big one for the motorway!
  • Avoid travelling at hungry times- if that’s possible or predictable!
  • Finally, muslins make a wonderful sun shade to help baby sleep!


Weeks 7&8

The main developments we noticed during these weeks were noticing Jesse’s physical growth! He has already grown out of most of his Newborn sizes and now well fitted into the 0-3s. His arms and legs seem much longer and after the latest weighing at the local clinic, he weighed a whopping 12 lbs, 10 ozs (birth weight: 8 lbs, 6.5 ozs). Speaking of clothes, I’ve been loving picking out his little outfits everyday! He wore his first formal suit while we were away at a friend wedding and he was certainly a popular lad 🙂

Jesse has also become a lot more responsive to people talking to him. He is fascinated with faces and is very sociable, smiling back and mimicking expressions as well as taking notice of objects around him. He is also very close to sitting up on his own as he likes to be upright now! I’m sure the next “development leap” will be a big one!




Our Advenutres

The biggest highlight this month was definitely our Cumbrian road trip and attending my best friend from school’s wedding! It was so surreal being amongst my childhood friendship circle with my very own tiny human. I still can’t believe I’m the first of all of us to start a family and introduce my offspring to them all.


Before the wedding, Jesse had a photo shoot with our favourite professional photographer: Pixies Photography! See the full album on her Facebook page, as linked previously 🙂


As well as my old school friends, there are lots of other important people from our home town of Whitehaven he got to see again and meet for the first time…


Feeding & Sleeping

Not really much to add here as Jesse has a changing sleeping pattern so it’s difficult to say whether he has settled into a full night’s sleep as he always wakes at least once for a feed. When he is up for good in the morning it’s usually about 7.30am so we are pretty fortunate really.


All I can say about feeding is that it is so much easier and less painful after dealing with the tongue tie! I’m still expressing daily and he is taking the bottle well. As mentioned before, he is a healthy weight and loves his breast milk, however he gets it. I have now become a bit more diet conscious, myself, and so will be ensuring I get the healthy dose of greens and proteins to ensure I’m giving Jesse the best!

by Pixies Photography


Thank you for reading this month’s update. Please keep following to see which skills Jesse learns to develop next! This week we will be back on the road to Cumbria for his Christening! Watch this space to see how it all goes and see him all scrubbed up again 🙂 


Mama Quackers xx


Book link: Baby Play for Every Day: 365 activities for the first year


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