January, Veganuary & Watching the Waters Settle…

Happy New Year!

Happy 2019 everyone! I hope you have had an amazing relaxing Christmas break and are having a smooth kick off to this new year!
It’s taken me a while to get around to writing this first post of the year and I wanted to begin with a short post on making positive lifestyle changes, my opinion on “Veganuary” and how I have approached planning personal and family goals this year.

“Veganuary”: Why I feel it’s not helpful to new vegans.

I’m not entirely sure who takes the lead in founding this new trend: “Veganuary” but I’m sure it was planned with the upmost positive intentions to help people get a taste of veganism. However, I do have my issues with the movement and why I feel this is not the best time of year nor the most realistic method in transitioning to veganism…

First of all, being a full time vegan is a huge commitment. It’s not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle! People who can fully commit to veganism need to have the appropriate drive and morals in order to do so. Most vegans I know, myself included (even though I’m still not there and I’ve been transitioning since early November) at least go vegetarian first. This helps your body as you experiment, learn and find appropriate alternatives so you can be a healthy vegan- not just buy vegan ready meals which may still contain harmful ingredients.

The next thing to consider is what are your reasons for supporting veganism? There has to be some personal motive and it must feel like the right time for you. What are the chances everyone’s right time is the first month after the holidays of engulfing meat and dairy for pretty much an entire month?

I was inspired to aim to be vegan through my pathway of Buddhism and committing to do my part in reducing as much suffering as I can in our world. Even though I am yet to give up eggs, I have taken a step by buying from local suppliers with smaller farms where the hens are far more likely to be treated fairly as opposed to large suppliers of supermarket chains.

Finally, as I’m not going to get too deep into this, I feel that veganism is not for everyone but is such a positive and fulfilling lifestyle and it would be a shame that people had a negative experience from it if they felt the best way to go about it is to just dive straight into it for an entire month straight after the madness of the holidays, only to feel deprived of food they miss so just give in.

If you are doing “Veganuary” please do it your way! Do your research to find out how to cook food you like and food that is good for your body. Don’t feel you have to commit 100% right away! Just having a vegan meal a day or even just a couple of times a week is a huge step! If you want to commit and transition, take your time and plan it so your goal is personal to how you want to do it. Have fun and experiment! If you do it your way, you will have a more realistic plan 😁

January: A month to observe & be mindful?

New Year’s Resolutions! So much pressure to charge right back into the madness of reality after such a long and restful break, reflecting and celebrating a whole year that has just passed…

What’s the rush? Who really starts committing to New Year’s Resolutions on January 1st? There’s still a bit of Christmas chocolate left in the house, the turkey from New Year’s dinner needs used up and so many Christmas drinks you bought in for guests…

Personally, I have not made New Year’s Resolutions in years. Instead, I have thought about where I can begin to make changes, with aims to have a much more positive and fulfilling lifestyle by the Chinese New Year, which is normally in the first couple of weeks of February, giving me a full month to “watch the water settle”.

After a big wave, the lake does not simply become calm. Our minds are the same. I feel like a certain amount of time is needed in order to make realistic life changes in a new year. This could just be a week for some people and many weeks for others. For myself, I will certainly be taking bigger steps in the Year of the Boar!

The Christmas period can often feel like a big disruption to your flow, so don’t worry if it takes a few weeks to make your positive lifestyle changes this year.

Just a thought…

Thank you so much for reading and I will be following up shortly with Jesse’s 5 month baby development post! So much has changed and it’s getting more exciting!

Mama Quackers x

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