The Reawakening: How Minimalism Helped Me Find Happiness in the Present

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Before Christmas, I wrote a post about how I intended to completely de-clutter the house and become as minimalistic as possible as part of a family of 3. My husband, a passionate artist with a huge collection of his own work, was completely supportive of my mission and now I wanted to write an update as part of this continuous series on minimalism to reflect on how this change has made a huge difference to our lives…

Discovering Buddhist Practice

I have actually tried to minimalise my life before and reorganised, only to be back to the same old cluttered life within a couple of months. What I feel the difference is this time is my recent practice of a Buddhist lifestyle being introduced into my whole mind frame. I think I have always being a Buddhist, after researching the lifestyle more recently, however I have not used the practice to it’s full potential.

I believe it is Buddhism that keeps me motivated and positive about staying minimal- only holding onto things which are going to serve some purpose in life and not attaching or associating myself with inanimate objects.

I believe it is Buddhism that allowed me to achieve my biggest challenge in my adult life- to find happiness in my present situation.

As soon as the useless items were banished from each room, my enjoyment and interest for completing basic tasks, such as washing the dishes, increase tenfold! The more I began to enjoy just the present moment and the menial task I was doing, room by room- I was loving life in the moment.

I believe it is Buddhism that allowed me to achieve this, my biggest challenge, in my adult life. I was no longer hunting for the “ideal situation”. This house is a new house to me- a fresh new place, full of love and potential.

The Balance

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Before the minimalism, we were feeling rather overwhelmed and internally cluttered. We were thinking of ways to decrease the outgoings and downsize our living space- which meant looking at moving etc.

This helped me through the minimalism change, helped me to find moments to express gratitude and most if all, inspired me to actually practice daily Yoga and meditation.

A healthy combination of learning through becoming minimal and what it actually means to be a minimalist (because its not just about living with as little of everything as possible), along with using my Buddhist practice to think deeply about what I have and what I am grateful for, I came to realize that it was not the house or our current situation that had issues- it was our own attitude and thought patterns.

I began to view my days through a more Buddhist perspective, as I feel now that, as a spiritual creative person, I needed some kind of guide to help motivate my positive changes in this existence. This helped me through the minimalism change, helped me to find moments to express gratitude and most if all, inspired me to actually practice daily Yoga and meditation.

Life Through Minimalist Eyes

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Now we have minimalized the house, it’s like I can’t go back to the old lifestyle. 2019 onwards will be all about forward steps! I am so happy in this house, in this moment with my little family and whenever I am feeling upset or annoyed, I use this as a focusing anchor to help me remember my gratitude for being alive in this moment today!

Not only has it improved my mental health, but minimalism has helped me with my buying habits, also. I have recently been drawn towards more comfortable, free-sized, unbranded clothes (from a particular store called Zu-Zu near where I live). The minimalist concept has allowed me to let go of my older favourites to prevent wardrobe overload once again.

If something new and meaningful comes in then something old and less meaningful has to go…

I could probably think of hundreds of reasons to go minimal, however, let’s save that for a top 10 future post or something… Thank you for reading and I hope you feel inspired from my experience- feel free to share your thoughts on minimalism or Buddhism in the comments.

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