Six Months & On The Move: Baby Development #4

I can’t believe little JJ is 6 months old today!

I don’t know about any other Mamas but for me, I feel like this is a huge development milestone. Jesse can now sit up well with no support, push himself up onto his hands and knees (almost crawling), pushes himself backwards around the floor and grabs things with both hands (very tightly).

Jesse’s First Christmas

We spent Christmas in the Lake District with the relatives and friends from Cumbria this year- we felt it was important that we were somewhere so that Jesse could see everyone at this special time of year. We had keen baby sitters all round and on Christmas Eve, Dean and I had a little date night at the local cinema to celebrate our 6th anniversary.

Christmas with a baby is certainly different and I felt that sense of magic coming back into the Christmas spirit which is only going to get more and more exciting as Jesse grows!

Jesse had Christmas dinner with his Grandparents, Daddy and Myself at my parents house. We then ventured over to his other Grandparents and Uncle’s where he was showered with yet, more exciting gifts!

Family of 3 on Christmas Eve and our 6th year anniversary!

We celebrated New Years with Jesse’s (non-related) “Uncle Jack” and “Uncle Nay-Nay” who came to stay and welcome 2019 with us! On New Year’s Day, we had a lovely family meal out, followed by a frosty Winter walk at Harthill Reservoir, near where we live!

This was exciting as Jesse has now upgraded to the Toddler Seat on his stroller, so, just for fun we turned him round to view the world as I walked ahead of him and Daddy! I now face him towards me all the time as I was advised this is great for communication skills and helps Jesse feel secure as he is still very small and very new to the great outdoors!

The “Sleep Regression”

Before the festive period started, Jesse had got into a lovely little routine of winding down in the early evening (around 5.30/6pm) and would only wake once before breakfast time at about 11pm for a feed. However, his sleeping pattern became a little unpredictable and he would fall asleep about 5pm-7pm and the be up at around 8/9pm thinking it’s play time! This carried on into this year, however is starting to go back to the evening wind down that we had before only he will sleep right through.

BUT, he has been very unpredictable again only last week, so, if this is sleep regression then we are quite fortunate as he does sleep right through once he is asleep and rarely to seldom up after 11pm.

How we coped:

  • Set some time to create our own bed time curfew- if we have more routine and structure, our baby is more likely to pick up on when it’s time for lights out.
  • Write down the bed time routine- we made a written plan, including some ground rules such as, phones off at 10pm etc.
  • Co-sleeping. This is only works if this is something you are comfortable doing. We have taken 2 courses which have fully explained how to co-sleep safely (NCT Antenatal and The Fourth Trimester). I never drink anymore and am not on medication, therefore, I feel more than competent to do so. Especially for breastfeeding mothers, I really recommend co-sleeping- I feel like I have far better sleeps now than since before my pregnancy.

If you want to know more about co-sleeping or would like support, please follow this link to the NCT’s guide to doing it safely. Planned co-sleeping is much safer than accidentally falling asleep while feeding or holding baby. Sleep is so important for your health and you need that to bring up your little one!


It feels like Jesse has been teething for months! He’s had the symptoms for a while, however, I only spotted the whiteness at the surface of his gums in mid January and he only started to show signs of discomfort last week but I think part of that could have been due to the cold he was starting to suffer at the time.

How we are coping:

  • Bibs! I know it’s not usually the first thing on the list when it comes to “teething must-haves” but I feel this is necessary for the drool alone! There seems to be far more of this than the painful crying, so I notice him go through way more bibs. The bandanna bibs are my favourites as they just look like part of his outfit, rather than looking like he’s always expecting dinner!
  • Teething Toys- this is really all we are using as he seems to be coping so well so far, however, I have ordered an amber necklace so will let you know how that goes. My mam got us those chilled teethers that you put in the fridge which seemed to help him at times.
  • Cloths/ muslins/bibs to chew- Jesse loves exploring materials, so evidently, they end up in his mouth as his own teething preference.

Getting on the move…

Jesse can now get up on his hands and knees from his tummy, sit upright on his own, stand upright with support or leaning on the couch and get onto his tummy from sitting up BUT he can’t actually roll onto his front or back from a laying down position.

He can move around the floor by doing a sort of backward “caterpillar” movement! He can also push his bum in the air once he has his toes curled under (like the beginning of the downward dog Yoga pose) – it’s like he’s not interested in horizontal maneuvers anymore as he would rather be upright! I think he can’t wait to walk!


Jesse is yet to try solid food, however, I don’t think it will be long before we try him with some yummy veggies and fruit. I think cucumber will be a good start as it’s easy to hold, has a high water content and nice and cool for those little teeth which are still on the way!

Sticking to his lolly pop drum for now…


Our Adventures…

Staying with Great Grandma Shirley over Christmas – Thank you for having us Grandma!
Visiting our friends- This is Kayleigh, Todd and little Sienna’s magnificent tree!
Dressing up for Friday Friends, the local play group in Whitehaven
First high chair experience with Nana Lisa!
Having festive fun in Keswick with Auntie Jess
The Aunties! Derwent Water, Keswick
Loving the company of Auntie Kelly!
Photos by my Dad, Richard McGowan
Enjoying his big present from his Grandparents, the hanging baby bouncer!
CHillin with gal pal, Iris

Thank you for reading this new update on Jesse’s development! I can’t believe he is already 6 months! This time last year we didn’t even know his gender!

Keep following to find out the next milestones- there are some big ones on the way! I’d be interested in your baby’s development journey- leave a comment!

Jesse and I will see you again soon! 

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