5 Quick Minimalist Systems to Help Smooth Running of the Family Home- Room by Room

I have been feeling inspired by my minimalist solutions and getting excited about how the new systems have actually allowed me to enjoy the spaces we use at home, rather than it just best a household chore.


  • Keep items that are always used in easy to reach/ easy to put away places.
  • Have a place for everything -this includes food!
  • Wash up right after every meal.
  • Store grains and cereals in glass jars (also label stored food).
  • Store snacks and treats in an out of sight, more difficult to reach place (and keep them there!)
  • Keep cleaning stuff handy to wipe surfaces and sweep the floor.
  • Keep clean dishes on the other side of the sink from the dirty dishes.
  • Have a regular clear out of tins/ jars and herbs to ensure you are using everything you are storing.
  • Only keep cups/ plates/ dishes you use in an easy to reach cupboard- store everything else away for occasional use. It’s more than OK to have extra space in your regular use cupboards.

Living Room

  • Minimalize your entertainment unit! Get rid of any games consoles, DVD players etc. that you don’t use often- could you get away with just having one? For example, we only use the PS4 as we can stream TV series, movies, Youtube and play games and DVDs so there seemed little point in keeping anything else and having all those remotes lying around.
  • Keep DVDs and games handy- this makes it easier to put them away in their place once finished with and reducing the risk of piled up boxes in the living space. We actually have an Ottoman in living room where we store our ‘boxless’ discs and home movies.
  • Stream or download- a real space saver in the home!
  • Have tidy boxes for your Kids’ toys (which inevitably will be lying around most of the time). Our storage boxes from Ikea actually blend in nicely with the furniture and it’s so easy to tidy up after Jesse when there is a home for the toys right there!
  • Keep your vac handy! So you can actually have a daily whizz round with it and it’s never a mammoth task to vac the regularly used spaces!
  • Straighten up the space at the end of each day! For me, if I come down to an untidy space, I’m likely to get into a negative mindset for the first portion of the day and it’s always best to start in the best mood possible!


  • Keep soaps, shampoos etc. on the side of the bath (or in the shower) to a minimum. Before using shampoo soap and a neater conditioner bottle, we actually stored bottles on the shelf and took into the shower only what we intended to use! This also helped to get out of the ‘auto pilot’ mode and become more present for taking a shower as well as making it easier to clean the bath.
  • Only keep towels/ flannels out that are used regularly.
  • Keep surfaces as clear as possible. If you don’t have a medicine cabinet you can actually get stand alone cabinets to fit under most sinks now.
  • Keep toothbrush heads covered! It’s a pet hate of mine, clearing up after teeth-brushing routines so I found these little clips that just cover the heads of your toothbrush to keep them and the space around them clean!
  • Have an occasional use storage place for things like bath bombs, pamper items and such (if you own them!)

Bedrooms & Nursery/ Kids Room

  • Minimize all your surfaces and keep them as clear as possible.
  • Keep the spare bedding storage place in the bedroom!
  • Have a place for ‘next day clothes’ – or clothes you will be wearing soon.
  • Keep a laundry basket in each bedroom.
  • Tidy boxes, tidy boxes and more tidy boxes!
  • Categorize and organize your wardrobe! Also keep hanging what you feel easier to hang and roll/ fold other items in drawers or hanging shelves.

There isn’t much else to say about bedrooms without getting too detailed as people tend to have so many different other uses for bedrooms- for example I keep my desk in there with my editing/ storage PC but some bedrooms may not have the space or work well for this.

Dining Room

  • Keep the dining table as clear as possible! (I sense a theme here).
  • Store table wear handy such as place mats/ table cloths etc.
  • Use the Dining Room for dining! Reduce the TV dinners so you can enjoy more meals as a family and focus on your delicious home cooked meals together. I also found this helped get into a tidy and clean up routine right after eating so dishes are done before bed!
  • What else can your Dining Room be used for? Ours has enough space for me to store some home office things, books, DVDs and aromatherapy stuff so I can also do my morning ZaZen meditation and Yoga practice in here.¬†

I hope this post has given you enough inspiration to make some positive changes within your own home to help you enjoy every moment at home with your family.

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