Breast, Bottle or Both- Ten Questions About Mothering: Mother’s Day Special #1

mother’s day 2019…

As Mother’s Day 2019 approaches, this will be the first official Mother’s Day where I, myself, am actually a Mother! I am so excited to celebrate being a Mother at home with my own Mother this year on Mother’s Day, which hasn’t actually happened in a few years. In order to celebrate this year on Mama Quackers, I thought I would write up 3 Mother’s Day Special posts, starting with this fun question and answer post. Share your own answers in the comments and let’s embrace our own unique mothering choices…

Q1. Breast, bottle or both?

A: Breast – but I have used bottles for breast milk.

q2. cot, co-sleeping or both?

A: Co-Sleeping at the moment. We used to use a co-sleeping cot (Next2Me) when he was a newborn.

q3. Baby food or baby-led weaning?

A: Jesse is still not interested in food so I guess we are pretty Baby-led.

q4. SLing or stroller?

A: Both! The sling is a regular winner but the stroller has it’s pros!

q5. favourite activity group?

A: Rhythm Time! But Jesse loves anything social.

q6. Cloth or disposable diaper?

A: Disposable BUT we do get biodegradable nappies when funds allow it!

q7. belted or isofix car seat?

A: Belted. I see the attraction with Isofix but not worth the extra money for us.

q8. go-to home baby gadget?

A: The hanging baby bouncer or the baby walker.

q9. top 3 baby brands?

A: Nutmeg (Morrisons clothing brand), Naty (nappies) & Peg Perego (travel system).

q10. best mothering moment so far?

A: Nothing tops the day Jesse was born! I can’t pick another- I just see each day with him as a blessing, especially now he is developing his little vocal chords and taking baby steps towards walking on his own!

BONUS QUESTION: What makes your kids smile like this?
Jesse was laughing at me peeking out from behind my laptop here.

Please share your answers! I would love to know how you other mamas do the mothering thing! Maybe I will learn something- I’m always curious about learning from more experienced mothers 🙂

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