Mother’s Day Prayers: Mother’s Day Special #3

I have always respected my mother and the job of every mother that has ever been, but only this year, can I start to get a real feeling of what it really takes to become an amazing, nurturing, life-giving, selfless and caring soul that mothers are.

Happy Mother’s Day 2019!

This mother’s day, as the first in which I can actually appreciate on another level the true gift of Motherhood, I’d like to offer a gift to all mothers out there doing their best for their children. It has been a tradition of mine to write a poem for my Mam each Mother’s Day, but this year I’d like to share not one, but 3 poems, inspired by my own relationship with my mother and invite you all to share them with your own mothers if they relate to you on some level.

This is all in aid of bringing mothers together and celebrating this wonderful role we all share and respect the unique ways in which we aim to do our bit to provide for our families. SO, to all the new mothers, older mothers, step-mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, stay-at-home mothers, working mothers, business mothers, adopted mothers, single mothers and mothers of angels: All I can say is keep being there for your children- you are all beautiful!

Happy Mother’s Day to my own beautiful Mother and Grandmother to Jesse

mother of mine

For all the times you brought me food,

Played fun games and picked up my mood,

For all the times I was sent home from school, ill,

Your comfort and laughter topped any pill.

Because all of my friends loved to come round for tea,

To taste your fine meals and set our imaginations free.

All of these things things, I aspire to be,

And be the Mother you are to me.

You are ears when I speak,

You are eyes when I seek,

Always been there, whenever I pine,

Always and forever,

Dear Mother of mine.

From one mother to another

From one mother to another,

Pregnancy is the perfect introduction to Motherhood.

From one mother to another,

This won’t be easy.

From one mother to another,

Isn’t it worth every effort and bit of pain?

From one mother to another,

Don’t we have the best job in the world?

From one mother to another,

Will he ever go to sleep?!

From one mother to another,

We are super humans that don’t need sleep!

From one mother to another,

I’m falling in love again every single day.

From this new mother to another,

Now I know what true happiness is,

Now I know how to feel instant gratitude,

Now I know the real source of joy…

Mother hen

Here she comes, there and back again,

There she flits that mother hen.

Here she is to ease the pain,

Infants under the wing of mother hen.

Her beak is full of yummy grub,

She’s taking back home for her bub.

She’s worn and tired, poor mother hen,

But nothing stalls the instinct in her head,

To keep it up until her young are all fed,

Until they are strong enough to fly,

Until then, she’s sure to stand by…

One day she sees her own dear brood,

Flitting to and fro with food.

When she knows her work is done,

But her days of mothering, never gone.

She can close her tired eyes then,

Sweet, old, caring mother hen.

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