Five Fun Free & Minimalist Activities to do with Baby

It’s the Easter Holidays! Parents are forever talking about what to do with kids during school breaks and how demanding it can be on your wallet, especially if you are raising a small tribe! Or maybe you are a stay-at-home-parent, a single parent or generally on a budget. As a minimalist, I’d say I can definitely relate to the latter…

SO, I have come up with 5 activities you can do to amuse your little ones which are totally free and all super simple- as we just want to embrace the times we have together, right?

Jesse is such an inspiration- he is so amused by the smallest of things…

1. The park

Why pay to play? I remember climbing frames, swings and slides being my favourite as a kid! (Who am I kidding, it’s still a favourite in adulthood!) Jesse is now big enough to sit in the swings and have a go at other things in the play park, which is something I’ve been looking forward to for SO long!

Photography by Richard McGowan

2. the outdoor playground

So, I grew up in the Lake District and a rural town by the sea. Nature provides so much to entertain children. Do you see a tree or do you see a climbing frame? Encouraging this type of play will help your little one’s imagination run wild!

3. Soft play for babies

I have started taking Jesse to a local soft play centre and he is absolutely loving it! This may not be a free one for you if your child is over 1 or you have older kids too but it’s usually a small charge to just stay and play. There is often a cafe of some sort in here, but if you time it right, and you go on a full tummy, you shouldn’t need to buy anything!

Runaround at Halfway, Sheffield

4. the beach (or other waterside feature)

As I mentioned earlier, I grew up in a seaside town and often collected shells, smooth glass and cute pebbles from the beach. I can’t wait until Jesse is old enough to appreciate this and I can create pebble hunting games for him. If you don’t live near the beach (like we do now) there are often country parks with lakes and rivers which make a lovely picnic site on a warm day.

Our recent visit to Creswell Crags was our first proper picnic day out as a family.

5. A mini adventure! (inside the home)

Jesse is just learning to walk and taking very independent steps with assistance. Just exploring the house and letting him lead the way is a big adventure to him! It’s also very interesting to see where he goes of his own accord and what pieces of furniture and household items he is randomly attracted to!

Jesse with my Dad, to whom I often give credit for the lovely photos he has been taking of Jesse.

SO there are a few ideas of cheap and cheerful activities for the little ones! I’m so happy Jesse is big enough to start interacting with play parks now! Can’t believe he will be 8 months tomorrow!

Thank you for reading this post and many thanks to my Dad (pictured about with Jesse) for providing the amazing photos in the first segment of this post. We look forward to your next visit!

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