Nature’s Child & Her Nature’s Child: Discovering Buddhism

Growing up…

Growing up during my childhood, I developed so much respect and admiration for our natural world. I played outdoors and came home covered in grass stains, bruises, grazes, scratches and stings. I slept well after a windy day, flying my kite with my Dad on the coastal hills. I never became ill from being exposed to pollen or freshly cut grass. I learned from falling, my awareness grew and my balance improved from climbing trees.

I loved animals so much I aspired to be one. I talked to birds when I was old enough to take walks alone. I observed horses for hours on end and I felt pride in catching fish- even more when I safely released them back to their home and saw them swimming away. I mourned every dead animal at the roadside, praying that humans take more care in future. I still do this today…

I saved little spiders trapped in the bath and released frustrated bees on the windowsill. I understood pining dogs tied up outside shops and horses bound by the bit. I never felt comfortable riding with a whip in my hand- until one day I just ditched it for good…

Growing up again…with buddhism

I still have respect for nature, for wildlife and plant life. I still say sorry each time I see an animal with absent spirit on the ground. I still talk to birds, observe horses and understand them- but knowing what I know now, I will never ask of them what I had before in the same way…

Buddhism not only provided me with guidance along my path, but it also offered me this new philosophy of life, by which I guess I was always following- or at least part of me always wanted to follow…

All living beings have a right to live, follow their instincts and just be. How much more peaceful would life be if the majority of humans trusted this intuitive to just let things be? To not interfere with nature? To not feel a need to control everything? To respect each other’s land and culture differences? To put the lives and needs of living beings before materialism and making money? To actually work together in trade and not need money?

What a wonderful place…

I visit this place every time I get closer to nature. Every time I breathe in oxygen from live plants. Every time I walk barefoot on grass. Every time I stare into the stars and vastness of the universe. Every time I look into my son’s eyes…

As I look into my son’s eyes, I want him to know that this place exists. I want to teach him that Earth knows how to sustain balance and allow life to thrive, even if the Earthlings haven’t quite got it right.

I want him to know that when he touches a tree, that is where life comes from. This is where he needs to direct his gratitude and admiration for his presence in this existence. This is life.

Upon reading this post, I invite you to visit this place as often as you can. Repel politics, materialism and other sources of negativity. Attract nature, nurture, loving people and positive inner peace.


Photography by Richard McGowan – Flickr Page

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