Baby Steps at 9 Months: Baby Development Update #5

big development leaps…

During my pregnancy, I documented the 9 months of development on the inside, so here is how much “Baby J” has grown on the outside!

Welcome back to my Baby Development series and Jesse has now hit the 9 month milestone where he had his most recent and biggest development leap of all!

Since the last update, I think Jesse has had two massive growth spurts, this current one being the biggest and has been accompanied by teething, illness and restlessness- oh the joys!

6-7 months…

Jesse’s biggest change at this stage was standing up with minimal support and using the back of the couch to hold himself steady. He used to play a game where he would purposely fall down onto the reclined couch and roll over in fits of giggles. This is also the time he started taking aided steps while holding Mama or Daddy’s fingers- or even Grandma’s, as you can see below.

8 Months+

Sleeping & Eating

Jesse still sleeps through night pretty well and any regression he’s had, has only really affected his pattern by a couple of hours and we rarely had a very late night (and even that’s not even after 11pm). We feel really fortunate that he has picked up on bed times and getting-up times. I think this is down to co-sleeping and that he will easily fall asleep feeding or knowing that Mama is close.

Although we would love to give him some independence at this stage, we don’t want to interrupt this natural flow we have developed that is working for us, so Jesse is still with us at night times and napping (sometimes) in his cot during the day in his room.

As far as food goes, still, at 9 months Jesse is exclusively breast fed and not showing interest in swallowing any of his food. Sticking with the more Baby-Lead Weaning approach, we are happy to just keep offering food until he knows what to do.

Jesse loves exploring Nature

I am not happy with the nursery at present and feel it is in need of a switch around. It feels over crowded as the changing table is so huge and I don’t think we even need it anymore. Let’s see what comes of this in the next couple of weeks…


Jesse started crawling during my last road trip up to Cumbria with him, about a week before he was 8 months. He had been trying so hard to crawl since he was about 5 months, getting up onto all fours and then up onto his feet (in the downward dog style). We actually thought he would not bother crawling as he seemed to loose interest in his crawling development and loved getting onto his feet whenever he could and was even WALKING with assistance at 7 months!

ONCE he conquered the crawling hurdle, Jesse wasted no time getting about, pulling himself up onto furniture (which he actually did just before crawling too), moving along as he leaned on things, climbing the stairs…

Jesse has amazing core balance and at times can support himself standing unaided, however, I wouldn’t move too far away- when he does lose balance he can safely brace himself and land on his bottom!

SO, baby steps but I’m pretty sure Jesse will be walking independently before he is one- I think this is what this huge development leap/ growth spurt he is going through will be helping him gain skills for…

Teething & Growth spurts

The latest growth spurt or development leap Jesse has been experiencing has proved to be very challenging. Last weekend, Jesse had a 24 hour tummy bug which, luckily, was on a weekend day so we had the full parenting team on board to clean up sick, wash towels and just be there for poor little JJ. Breast milk was the magic remedy yet again, as well as much needed sleep and cuddles from Mama and Daddy.

This last round of teething pains were so sore this time, Jesse did need a little homeopathy- Camomilla worked a treat! Once he had a little of this in his system, he was able to get a good nap and awake with that beaming smile on his face for one last round of adventures before bedtime.

early potty training & going cloth?

Yes! This is a thing in many cultures outside of the West. Baby can actually go nappy free from birth! Of course we never practiced this until recently, however I feel like it would be more beneficial to start younger with any future children. We have started EC part time with Jesse from about 8 months with aims to get him out of nappies ASAP. We have ordered some cloth diapers and will be saving our cash and the environment until Jesse has got the whole potty thing under his belt.

If you are interested in EC, I urge you to go check out Go Diaper Free on Youtube and her website also has more information on how to use this method to get your babies out of nappies!

Our adventures

Grandma “Woolly” Annis
Visiting our Cumbrian relatives
Nana Lisa – his first trip to the beech & it was a cold one!
Grandad Richard- The face which is normally behind the camera
Play time! When we realised he was old enough for swings!
Family Walk at Creswell Crags
More photos by Grandfather on their last visit to Derbyshire
Thank you for lunch, Grandma & Grandad! Dining at The Dusty Miller in Barlborough
Family day out at Aston Springs Farm
Enjoying a bath in the first heatwave of the year with our chicken friends.
Smiles with Daddy at the Godparents for a Summery party.

Discoveries for more parenting blog content…

The Mellow Mama & Conscious Parenting – I have discovered a single Mom on Youtube who has introduced us to the world of RIE Parenting, a respectful and conscious way of experiencing the world with your baby. I have positive and negative views on this method so I think this would make a great blog post once I have my research done.

EC (Elimination Communication) & Early Potty Training – As mentioned above, we have started using the potty already and I think a document of how this is going would surely be a good read, especially if this interests you and would like to know if it has worked for us.

Ready to Run! About time I got back into fitness training… – I actually feel like I have my body back (mostly) now and am ready to get back on the cross country tracks and head out for a run! Documenting my postnatal fitness journey coming soon…

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