Mama Minimalist: 10 Things I Rarely or Never Buy and Here’s Why…

I have been so inspired by quirky posts and YouTube videos like this that figured that I may actually be quirky enough to share the things many people might consider essential that I just don’t buy any more OR only buy occasionally in my new life as a Mama…

1. clothes

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This is something I RARELY buy Because…

  • They can be expensive.
  • Having less clothes is easier to manage.
  • I hate shopping for clothes for myself when I am looking for something specific.
  • I have a selection of my favourite things I wear all the time so why do I need more?
  • I want to get out of that materialistic mindset of needing something new for every new season or occasion- I don’t care if I’m seen in the same thing at every event.

2. make-up & Nails stuff

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I NEVER buy this (and haven’t for years) Because…

  • I hate putting it on and I’m rubbish at doing it!
  • It’s bad for my skin and feels uncomfortable.
  • It feels unnatural.
  • It’s another expense…
  • I could never be bothered with it.
  • It always ended up smeared all over my face or smudged.
  • It’s a material thing.

3. Hair or Skin products

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I RARELY buy these Because…

  • I use soap bars for shampoo and body wash and they last months!
  • They are SO £££!
  • I don’t need them- I wash my hair and body- that’s all I need to do.
  • I use coconut oil and aloe vera plant for pretty much everything else.

4. laundry detergent

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I RARELY buy this (like maybe once a year) Because…

  • SOAP NUTS – a natural and eco-friendly alternative.
  • I need something for baby and sensitive skin.
  • That’s it- Soap Nuts pretty much solves everything…

5. alcohol

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I NEVER drink alcohol at home or out Because…

  • Both me and my husband don’t really like it.
  • £££ cha-ching!
  • A pointless expense in my opinion.
  • We bed share with our son and need to ensure we do so safely.
  • I hate the feeling of being intoxicated.
  • I drive pretty much everywhere.

6. disposable nappies

This is quite a new one, but my new stash of cloth nappies will see that I NEVER have to buy these ever again! So here are my (rather hippy) reasons why…

  • The affordable ones are non-biodegradable- therefore killing the planet.
  • Again, the affordable ones are full of nasty chemicals.
  • Less nappy rash with cloth.
  • We use EC (early potty training) so less nappy changes are needed, therefore less wasteful with a missed pee in a cloth nappy as it is washed and not thrown away!
  • Cloth nappies are cute! (Bit of a material reason but it just had to be said!)

7. Shaving gel/ hair removal cream

  • I just use soap and a razor.


8. PAIN KILLERS/ medical drugs

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Something we definitely NEVER buy because...

  • I am a firm believer in Eastern medicine and natural remedies.
  • I like to be able to listen to my body and work out why I’m in pain.
  • I have a high pain threshold.

9. Cable tv & dvds

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After the big minimalist project back in November, this is now a NEVER expense because…

  • We don’t watch anything on TV
  • We only store DVDs we really love and would find difficult to buy on PlayStation or are not on Netflix.
  • We don’t listen to the news or “celebrity gossip”.
  • Basically we get all our entertainment from the PS4.

10. ready meals & fast food

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This is a RARELY or occasional buy Because…

  • They have pretty much 0 nutritional value.
  • It’s cheaper and healthier to cook from scratch.
  • They usually taste bland!
  • They don’t fill you up.
  • Ethical reasons.

I hope you enjoyed this post and do share the things you don’t buy- you don’t have to be a minimalist!

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