Jesse’s First Year on the Outside: Baby Development Special

In the early hours of the eighth day of the eighth month of two thousand and eighteen, as the sunrise began to warm the earth, and our hearts on the day our lives changed forever…

HAppy first birthday jesse 08-08-2019

It’s been a whole year since Jesse opened his beautiful big blue eyes to this world outside of the womb and, has most definitely, been the most incredible year or our lives. Watching our adventurous son grow before our eyes has been the most rewarding, empowering, miraculous and beautiful thing I have every experienced!

So, this post will be a special baby development post dedicated to Jesse’s first year on the outside and will feature the key milestones, learning and development he has reached since that memorable day- 08.08.18 …

discovering himself and us…

Jesse has always been interested in people. From about 6-8 weeks, when he was becoming much more aware of his surroundings, he was smiling at strangers and seemed to enjoy social activities- particularly my friend’s wedding which he attended at just 6 or 7 weeks old!

I remember watching Jesse begin to explore the movements of his own hands and feet in the first 3 months. His favourite toys were mirrors, his custom play mat and Mr. Robot. His first Halloween was during the Fourth Trimester and he sported a fair few outfits…

slingin’ it…

I had done my own research, but particularly after attending 4T (The Fourth Trimester), a local parenting class in Sheffield which I have talked about in numerous posts, Jesse lived in a sling! There are so many benefits to carrying and we felt every single one- even more, Jesse loved it and still does!

physical development…

Jesse was sitting up by himself before we headed up North for Christmas, which made him just 4 months old. He was grabbing and holding things in October just before his Christening at just under 3 months. Such little actions we do every day ourselves, we forget what a huge accomplishment these were when performed for the first time!

Jesse received an early Christmas gift from his grandparents- a hanging baby bouncer. He really enjoyed playing with this, being able to use his legs for the first time plus it was adorable to see his standing up height as he bounced himself in the doorways.

Jesse was also beginning to tolerate tummy time a lot more after the first couple of months but he still favoured sitting/ standing positions as he just couldn’t wait to get going!

finding his feet

Jesse took his first rather wobbly steps at 9 and a half months but then seemed to favour crawling as it got him places quicker…

A few weeks later at over 10 months, he was beginning to get more confidence on his feet…

Now we can’t get him to sit down! He loves the outdoors and loves running free in open spaces! Our little nature child…

food glorious food

Jesse took his time with weaning and was over 10 months before he actually started eating food properly and only in the past month has started having 3 meals a day. I still breastfeed him before naps and bed time.

Pub meal with the Grandparents

baby babble…

Yesterday Jesse pointed at one of our budgies and said, clear as day, “bird”.

Before then he has shown understanding of what we say to him, like if we say “where’s the ball?” he goes to get it. He has also been saying things like Dada and Mama and Nana for months but we weren’t really sure if he understood what his words meant. The “bird” thing has been his biggest breakthrough and for it to happen just before he turns one is certainly a memorable milestone!

I honestly can’t believe how much has changed in one year! So much development, growth and learning for a tiny human. My little wriggler of a newborn has grown into a confident, babbling toddler in the space of 12 months. Jesse is strong, independent and sociable. We are so grateful to have him in our lives and today will be all about our love and gratitude for him.

As this is posted at 15.35, the time Jesse arrived into this world, we will be out having fun on our family day out, giving Jesse plenty to explore and introduce him into the next chapter of early childhood.

Happy Birthday my little duckling! Mama is totally Quackers about you!

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