Life Update: We’re Moving!

to our new home with a castle on the hill…

I wanted to create a quick post just to keep you informed of our situation, but of course to explain my silence over the past few weeks as I don’t want to just disappear without reasoning my silence.

We have had a rather stressful period over the last half of the Summer, looking for somewhere to move to as we are having to move home (not by choice). Although we have felt pressure, it has also been an enlightening experience which has allowed us a chance to create a fresh new chapter of our family life. We will miss our neighbours and friends here in Killamarsh very much and we are cherishing these final weeks of living in our rather over sized terrace house in which was our marital home, Jesse’s first home and the only family home we have ever known together.

The new house is in Bolsover, a rather historic mining town with the unique feature of having it’s own castle! I look forward to teaching Jesse history lessons here as we learn together of the town’s local heritage and exploring what appears to be a very interesting place! The house will also be a lot smaller than where we have been living for the past couple of years, so our practice of minimalist living has certainly come in handy and I’m sure will probe more posts on my minimalist series.

So there you go, a brand new chapter ahead for Jesse, Dean and myself in a new, exciting place and quick update before I crack on with another parenting post shortly. We still have some time left here before the move, therefore I will be making an effort to do some blogging!

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