Behind the Baby Name: Why Jesse?

Jesse: the name whose owner carries a warm, kind heart and unforgettable character…

So this post may be inspiring for you if you are thinking of baby names, yourself and could use some perspective of what aspects are important to you behind the actual name or whether you just like the sound of the name. Or perhaps you are also leaning towards a name like “Jesse” and are curious about our reasons for choosing the name. Dean and I both have our individual reasons and some mutual for favouring the name, so here are my own personal reasons to begin with…

Jesse, Doing right by nature

Since I added the movie “Free Willy” to my list of favourites in the mid 90’s, I have always admired the name “Jesse”. Just in case you aren’t familiar with the plot, Free Willy is a movie about a kid, Jesse, who forms a bond with a most beautiful, intelligent creature, Willy, a captivated Orca who longs to be back in the wild with his family. Jesse is the child hero who takes it upon himself to free the Orca due to the deep compassion he feels for him as Jesse is in foster care due to a neglectful background, knowing exactly how it feels to have no family.

I never ever spoke of having children when I was a child, or even up until early adulthood, but in my head, I always told myself that if I had a son, then “Jesse” would be his name. It just sounds cool and I knew, back then, Jesse was the hero kid who freed the magnificent Orca- doing what is right by nature! I still believe this symbolic concept to the name “Jesse” as the strong, courageous empath in the movie reflects what I see in my own son.

Jesse, always a true friend

Jesse was born in the Year of The Dog, and I believe naturally carries loyalty and is already displaying characteristics of a warm friend- showing concern when another child or baby becomes distressed, remembering faces and showing his gratitude through affection.

A loyal friend to me, personally, whom has been there since we were 4 and 5 years of age shares a feminine variation of “Jesse” and whose name I’ve always found pretty cool- Jess. Jesse now knows her as Auntie Jess and, although she’s not very maternal (at all haha!) she is great with Jesse and will continue to be a reason they share a name…ish.

Jesse: “My Auntie Jess is so cool!”

Jesse, the survivor

Image from BT‘s website

So, I guess this is the most famous Jesse of the century and if you haven’t seen this bold, big-hearted and misunderstood heroic and lovable character (WHY NOT?) , you must check out Breaking Bad! I first got into the series shortly after Dean and I were reunited during our University days and was something we enjoyed watching together and in particular we share a love and character development for this guy- Jesse Pinkman! He got in with a bad crowd, he was faced with drugs, weapons, gangs and all the dark stuff. He was used, manipulated, mentally and physically tortured, rejected by his parents, yet his spirit never gave up and his heart stayed warm and shone through as a hero and inspiration in the story- and all he really wanted to do was make stuff out of wood.

A rather funny coincidence (not fully intended) is that Jesse’s middle name “Aaron”, named after my brother-in-law, is actually the first name of the actor playing Jesse Pinkman’s role – Aaron Paul.

Image from

So that’s just a little bit of why our Jesse is named Jesse! There are other reasons like one of Dean’s relatives of an older generation and his liking for that aspect- yet overall, I guess we just felt that Jesse felt right and made sense to us 🙂

Please share your reasons for choosing the names of your own children- were there any special reasons or did you just like the name? The meaning? How do you feel about traditionalism in names, such as continuations of names in the family? Don’t be shy, share your stories 🙂

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