More New Beginnings at the End of the Year: Exciting News Update!

It’s time to take off our hats to another year! But this is not the end!

New opportunities and beginnings coming around in the Autumn months are a wonderful reminder that the world is constantly changing and evolving- no matter what the calendar says…

We began 2019 in a larger rented three story terraced house, feeling thankful as a family and new parents. We were excited to take Jesse on his first little holiday to York. I began to explore Buddhism and my Yogic interests at a deeper level as well as completely embracing motherhood full time and Dean was looking for a more positive career move.

Now, here we are in our new council house, in a new town and I’m getting very involved in the friendly new community here- so involved that I’m assisting in the set-up and running of the fresh, new local Parent and Toddler Group! Yes, I am feeling very honored to be part of this exciting new project and fulfilling a role in which will help bring parents together in the community to support each other as well as enjoy the moments with our children.

I feel like this opportunity will have a most positive impact on Mama Quackers, also. I sense deeper more inspired blog content and I will most certainly be asking the parents I meet for ideas and actually write about the things real parents want to talk about. I am also planning to get my video files organised on hubby’s computer and get Mama Quackers content on Youtube!

That being said, I’d just like to express my gratitude to the Friends Of New Bolsover for welcoming myself and my family to the community and for taking my ideas into consideration for your forward plans on growing the social groups you have in place. It is a pleasure to take on a role within the community and feel like a valued part of the village- thank you! Jesse takes off his hat to you, also 🙂

Just a short and sweet announcement to let you know I’m still active on the blog and not just my social media pages- there is more to come after the Christmas break and New Year comes around! I stand by my philosophy of last year, here’s the post if you weren’t around for it… Remember to enjoy the peaceful experience of being with loved ones and friends if you are taking a break this Christmas. Pay little attention to the social, traditionalist pressures of buying and sending gifts if that’s not what you are about! Remember to take care of yourself and be happy, that so will enlighten the worlds of others around you.

Happy Christmas.

Love & Peace, Heather, Dean & Jesse xXx

2018-2019 – Here’s our carrying journey to throwback on!


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