About Me

Me, My Blog & I.

Hello, I am Heather, welcome to my blog. I’m a keen writer in the district of North Derbyshire, born and raised in West Cumbria (the Lake District). I write here on my own blog and now I’m available to write for you! Keep reading to know more 🙂

I have always had an interest in writing- from poems and creative writing to helping others with emails and academic writing. It was only in early 2016 when I decided to try out a whole new chapter in the world of blogging. This has been a part time hobby for over a year and I have published 100 post under my original lifestyle blog name: Heather Blogz. This Summer, I excitedly decided to rename my blog Mama Quackers due to my new venture down the specific niche of  Family Blogging.

Please check out my Poetry & Creative Writing page to see some examples of what I do with words and my reasons for writing as well as details on my recently published poetry collection and how you can order a copy.

All the best,
Heather ^_^