Poetry & Creative Writing

Writing: the flowing rivers of my life.

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I have been interested in poetry and creative writing ever since I was at school and was always my best subject. English Literature was the one subject I excelled at GCSE so will always be something I am drawn to. I have written songs for my high school band, began writing novels and have a collection of poems I have been writing since I was 15 years old. Below are some quotes from my poems which I have edited over relevant images, myself using Picasa 3 – a tool I discovered was perfect for putting some imagery to my writing. If you are interested in my writing style, please feel free to email me some feedback or request to see the full poem. It is my desire to one day publish my poetry collection and I have also began to write a book towards the end of last year. In the Summer, I had a poem showcased in “Fresh,” by Pankhearst, which you can read HERE.
I am naturally inspired by nature. My passion for horses is reflected in my writing and in several poems, feelings are metaphorically referred to as equine behavior. It is safe to say that nearly every one of my poems describes the natural world in some context. Some of my poems are turned into songs, when I have a guitar handy- I’m not a brilliant guitarist, but I’ve had enough musical background to add melody to my words. Hopefully, I will befriend the right musicians one day and perhaps allow them to perform my songs. Until then, they are with me and remain entertainment for close family.
As the title suggests, I consistently get the urge to write- whether it be in a journal, a poem, a book or just a rant to my friends or family in a message. It’s how I express myself and it’s always flowing. In my studies, I have learned it’s therapeutic benefits and can conclude that it is between this and horses, that keeps me sane and holds in that wild mare which can’t always go running across a field when life gets in the way. I hope you gain some more understanding of what I’m all about from the images below. I apologize if the text is a little tricky to read, this only happened when adding it to this page- if you are an artist, I guess you can get more from the image 😉 Enjoy, and please email me any feedback, I’d be happy to hear your opinions and show you more poetry!


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