My Hazel

Elements of my Spirit: Hazel


In the depths of the forest, calm and still,
Not a glimpse of a critter in sight,
The twitter of songbirds, chiff and chaff,
From the realms of the dim woodland light.
From the rush of the river, a trickling stream,
To the rustle of the wind through the leaves,
Was that, but a creek, of an old elm branch,
Or distant croak from a raven’s throat, as it deceives.
In the depths of the valley, of the nature’s child,
A wildflower grows within the trees,
A sweet heart of nectar she sings, like the birds,
In an onyx shell she whistles along with the breeze.
She runs with the heard, observing like a hawk,
Taking flight, they will carry her home,
Her will to run, her will to heal,
Their empathy forbids her, from ever being alone.
In the depths of the hazel forest, calm and still,
Beyond the distant humming wings of flies,
From the soft, round leaves of a hazel tree,
Under feral, curly bangs, are a pair of soft, round, rebellious hazel eyes…