Poem of the Month

The Water’s Edge

There was a boy,

At the water’s edge,
Drawn to the waves,
As they lapped upon the shore.
A boy and his father,
By the water’s edge,
Fishing for supper,
From the cold North Sea
There was a girl,
At the water’s edge,
Enchanted by white horses,
Racing upon the sands.
A girl and her father,
Within the water’s edge,
Catching tiny minnows,
From the bubbling stream.
A girl and her grandfather,
By the water’s edge,
Capturing tranquillity,
Making movies of their memories.
There will be a boy,
By the water’s edge,
Paddling in the cool, calm waters,
The waters of his past…
A boy and his father,
By the water’s edge,
Painting colours of the landscape,
And his mother capturing their moment.
A boy and his grandfather,
Fishing the water’s edge,
Sharing all those memories,
Of his father, by the water’s edge.
For Dad & Granda, Father’s Day 2018
©Heather Judd 2018





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