Spirit Elements

For a while now, I have been interested in sub-personalities, personas, parts of the soul… I have mentioned in one or two of my blog posts and reflected the concept through my poetry that I have many parts that make up my personality and contribute to my behaviour traits. I have also studied the theory of sub-personalities in “psychosynthesis”- a theoretical approach of psychotherapy, founded by Roberto Assagioli in the early 20th century.

I felt that I need some form of creative way to express this interest which will allow me to understand myself as well as perhaps inspire others which are interested in personal development. I felt that I wanted to give these sub-personalities a unique name for this series/ story. I came up with “Spirit Elements” as I believe these characters to come from my own spirit and not my head, although that is where they go to reveal their presence to me.

On this page, I will introduce my “Spirit Elements” one by one as I develop them. My first element and my main character, has got to be Hazel (originally named “the Rebel”)…

Hazel (The Rebel)

Hazel is my instinct to run and be wild. To survive in isolation from humans and fears most, of all things, the power of man and his will to take control of the land- to know everything and his obsessive need to manipulate society. Hazel is a fast runner and represents my “flight” instincts when the going gets tough. Her allies are the birds, animals and trees- the natural world in which she believes the spirit owner (me) will be the one place to find true peace and settlement. Hazel is my inner child of nature and has an acute sense of awareness. She practices Mindfulness in the woods and mountains, learning to distinguish each bird and animal sound and even communicating with their souls.

Of all the elements, I feel Hazel resembles myself the most, with her wild curly hair, average build, attachment to nature and of course those wide, feral hazel eyes. Hazel was inspired by the colours of the earthy woodland and UK native tree.  I am very attached to Hazel and would just love to give in, allowing her to possess me completely and run off into the wild, yet the modern world forbids me from making this escape, as well as my human relationships- the morals of my other elements.