Child of Nature

Inspired by a project in the first year of my university counseling degree, I have left over, a massive draft for my own auto-biography, I guess. I got positive feedback for my writing skills, which I was content with, as it appears English is still my strong subject area. I had thousands of words over the necessary word count, so I felt that I couldn’t just waste all that time and effort; I should do something with the material.

I feel that, since writing has taken a front seat in my life once again (I know I have needed it academically and professionally over the years) and now it has returned as a therapeutic tool for me in my spare time. A recent dream triggered my attention back to this “life story” and that I should perhaps return to it, as I believe that when I am writing, repressed events in my life will be expressed into a script and relieving my psyche of historic stress and unnecessary thoughts- this is just my own theory. After studying therapy for almost 6 years, there is one thing I have learned which underpins every theory- we are all individuals and will, therefore heal ourselves in our own unique and preferred ways. I have learned this through experience and my own experience only, based on my tutors, colleagues and contact with other professionals in the industry. I wish I could name you all and thank you for your part in my journey to understanding one of the most complex subjects today- people.

With that said, I wish you all luck in your attempt to understand me if, I do eventually publish this story and you happen to read it, that would be greatly appreciated. I find getting to know people fascinating and discovering their potential- I guess this is what lead me to my newly desired career path, Coaching.

Thank you for your interest in my book idea. Check my blog in future for updates 🙂

Heather ^_^





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