My Equine Story

This idea only really came about when I decided to write about every horse I have had a relationship with. Now look, non-horsey people, by relationship, I don’t mean anything wrong so we can stop being immature now. A relationship seems the perfect way to describe what has occurred between me and particular horses throughout my life. I have began writing about them in chronological order- from the very first horse I remember sitting on.
As well as to personally document each horse that has meant something significant to me, I wished to write about them in a way which shows my appreciation and to thank them for everything they have taught me.
Now, once again I’m in a horseless situation in my life, I’m beginning to prepare myself for the next time horses come back into my life and that I will be more than ready to understand them and respect them at a much deeper level. I’m doing this by researching natural horsemanship and educating myself with natural horse heard behavior and how humans impact this- more about what can I do more of to speak “horse” and communicate with them on the correct level. One source I have found for this and I particularly enjoy using for research is Rick Gore’s YouTube channel. This guy knows horse language and is very inspirational with the way he communicates with his horses and educates viewers by explaining natural horse behavior.
I’m not sure how long I will be writing this book- perhaps until I own horse of my own! For now I can’t say, but if I get any new ideas for this book, watch my blog for updates.
Thank you for showing interest in this book by reading this page.


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